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Rebel Horse Rescue


Horses & Friends-for girls who love horses, friends, and God!

Who is the surprise visitor to Kate’s farm?

Summer is winding down for Kate and her friends when a surprise visitor appears at her family’s farm-a beautiful bay horse wearing a halter and a bad attitude. Dubbing the horse “Rebel,” the friends set out to find the horse’s owner. Where did he come from-and why are horses all over the area disappearing from their pastures and paddocks? It’s a mystery that even the sheriff can’t solve, so Kate decides to head up the investigation. When Kate’s brother, Pete, who has autism, develops a strong connection to the new arrival, Kate wonders-did God bring Rebel to them for a bigger purpose?

Follow along as relatable Kate finds out what it means to be faithful-to her friends, to her family, and to the horses she loves. Always up for adventure, this energetic thirteen-year-old learns to rely on God as she meets challenges, solves mysteries, and forges friendships. Through it all, Kate is encouraged by her hard-working parents and her bond with her little brother, Pete.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780830787685
ISBN10: 0830787682
Miralee Ferrell
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: June 2024
Horses And Friends # 5
Publisher: David C. Cook


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