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  • Peaceful Hearts Zealous Hearts


    If you have a devotion to the Sacred Heart or to Divine Mercy or are hoping to develop one, this book is for you. It will help prepare you to enter into a conversation with God in which you feel comfortable speaking openly with Him heart-to-heart – cor ad cor loquitor. As you drink deep of this book’s lessons and learn to share with Jesus your innermost thoughts and feelings, you will discover a remarkable thing – that the consolation goes both ways.

    Although the devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Divine Mercy are often seen as separate, Deacon Gerard-Marie Anthony masterfully explains how they are actually complementary tools that aid in igniting your spiritual life and restoring our world. Through Scripture, you will perceive their powerful origins, which were in the mind and heart of God from the beginning. Moreover, you will learn about the powerful significance of the Sacred Heart and Divine Mercy messages in combatting three major heresies, and their practical applications today.

    Deacon Anthony unveils how the two devotions enable us to console God’s heart and the hearts of others and open us to receive consolation ourselves. In these fascinating pages, you will also find:

    *Ways to know if you’re too “busy” to be blessed
    *What Scripture really means when it says that God rested (You will be surprised!)
    *Five requests that the Sacred Heart of Jesus made to St. Margaret Mary
    *Four characteristics of covenantal love (Can you guess?)
    *The five aspects of the Divine Mercy devotion

    How devotions to the Sacred Heart and Divine Mercy meet in hesed love
    Additionally, you will discover new and exciting parallels and intersections between the Divine Mercy and Sacred Heart devotions and will learn three active ways to live them out in your life and share them with others. You will also learn how to overcome acedia (spiritual sloth) through these devotions, which encourage prayer and action rooted in God.

    Ultimately, you will see how God takes the initiative to draw close to you with His merciful love and invites you to enter into an intimate relationship with His Sacred Heart. Above all, you will come to understand how the Sacred Heart and Divine Mercy devotions bring peace, inspiration, and consolation to the world.

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  • Praying Like The Early Church


    There are many misconceptions about prayer, ranging from what it is to how and why we pray. Dr. James Papandrea breaks open the wisdom of early Christians to transform and enrich your spiritual life and help you develop a daily rhythm for fruitful conversation with God. Here is the spiritual game plan you need to assist you in opening your heart to the Father’s invitation, receiving His love, living virtuously in practical ways, and entering into deeper communion with Him.

    Through the lives of early Church Fathers and Mothers, Dr. Papandrea emphasizes the centrality of the Mass and the Real Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist in our lives of prayer, providing methods to help you benefit more at Mass and in daily life, and ways to grow in gratitude and devotion. You will learn how the sacraments were practiced in the early Church and their power in flooding us with God’s graces today. Additionally, you will see why communal worship is vital and the role of pilgrimage in Christian life.

    In these life-changing pages, you will find:

    * Why the Eucharist was the most important prayer from the Church’s inception
    * How Our Lady shows us what prayer really is and ways we can imitate her
    * Three meta-virtues in prayer and five characteristics of righteousness
    * How to pray without ceasing and develop “prayer attitudes”
    * Three tips on surrendering yourself to God’s will
    * Three things that block God’s grace (Brace yourself!)

    Dr. Papandrea also reveals the biblical roots of making the Sign of the Cross and what the early Christians taught about the layers of meaning in the Our Father. Moreover, he documents what early Christians believed regarding reading the Bible, praying for the dead, the role of the saints, repetition in prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

    Included at the end of each chapter are sections on how to pray like an early Christian and resources on how “to go deeper.” An invaluable prayer plan, prayers from early Christians, and other helpful resources are also featured.

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  • World Is Too Small


    Embark on an inspirational journey with this classic best seller about the life of Francesca
    Cabrini. Angel Studios is proud to bring you a special edition of this biography-and the new
    motion picture, Cabrini-to tell her story and inspire all people to love with unstoppable
    determination, as she did.

    This gripping biography unveils the extraordinary adventures of Mother Cabrini, a visionary
    Italian American religious sister who defied the odds, founded the Missionary Sisters of the
    Sacred Heart of Jesus, and became the first American saint. Immerse yourself in the story of a woman of great compassion and heroic virtue whose indomitable spirit overcame countless challenges to establish health, education, and care centers across continents.

    Discover Cabrini’s mystical vocation, her encounters with the miraculous, and her tireless
    devotion to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus. Be inspired by her resourcefulness in overcoming
    financial obstacles, her skills of diplomacy in touching the hearts of influencers, and her ability to transcend boundaries to succor the helpless worldwide. Uncover the depth of her
    humanness, her humor, and her profound concern for the sisters in her congregation, whom she spiritually nurtured throughout their lives.

    Cabrini’s fearless spirit and unwavering trust in Divine Providence shine as a beacon for us
    today, offering solace and inspiration in our own challenging times. Join her on her harrowing ocean crossings and land travels. Delve into her stirring letters and diary entries that reveal how she coped with rejection, discrimination, and persecution. This book is not just a biography; it is a testament to the resilience, faith, and enduring power of a woman for whom the world, with all its problems, all its beauty, and all its potential, was simply not big enough for what she intended to do. Grab a copy and be inspired by the inimitable St. Frances Xavier Cabrini.

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  • Great Campaign : Against The Great Reset


    “It’s like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo,” says Samwise Gamgee. “Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn’t. They kept going, because they were holding on to something. That there is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for.”

    Many have likened the past few years to a dystopian novel or a thriller movie due to unprecedented oppression, violence, loss of rights, and weaponization of science and technology at the hands of powerful people with dark intentions. It’s coming into ever-clearer focus that the unified, global pandemic response – the forced lockdowns, vaccine and mask mandates, fear-filled media coverage, and restrictions on public worship – stripped citizens of their civil liberties and transformed our society.

    Leaving no stone unturned, award-winning film producer and human rights activist Jason Jones incisively lays out a full-scale campaign against this “Great Reset” to help equip you with the armor to protect and defend yourself, your loved ones, and all those vulnerable to the antihuman designs of global elites who have demonstrated a propensity for trampling basic human rights to achieve their one-world vision. Jones exposes the stealth tactics of the Great Reset leaders and reveals what they really mean by their “build back better” and “you’ll own nothing and like it” slogans. Reflecting on historical precedents dating back to biblical times, Jones sounds a red alert and offers a plan for pushing back against the political, Church, and corporate apostasy still unfolding around us.

    The incessant fear-mongering and propagandizing by the radical reformers, Jones explains, is undermining the health of the nation and robbing young people of their ability to reason and experience authentic love. But we can reverse course, he argues, and the time to do so is now.

    In this prescient work, you will find examples of people – past and present – who heroically model ways to overcome the mightiest walls of resistance. You will learn:

    *The five “ideologies of evil” that constitute a genuine pandemic (You will be shocked!)
    *Three forgotten aspects of piety that need restoration
    *How victimization has made victims of us all
    *The secret to living the gospel and avoiding cooperating with evil
    *Practical ways to strengthen families and communities through subsidiarity
    *Why the right to private property is essential to preserving human dignity

    Through the lens of the Gospels and classical thin

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  • Mother Cabrini : A Heart For The World


    Discover the world of Francesca Cabrini in this moving book that not only educates children
    about a remarkable person in American history, but inspires them with stories of her
    compassion, courage, vision, and miracles.

    The first American citizen to be canonized, St. Frances Xavier Cabrini rescued forgotten
    children, even from the dark, damp sewers of New York City, and provided them with safe
    havens, loving comfort, and a quality education.

    Within these endearing pages, children will encounter characters much like themselves-little heroes who joined Mother Cabrini in her mission to establish orphanages, hospitals, and schools across the United States, Central and Latin America, Europe, and beyond.

    Through captivating storytelling, this book introduces young minds to the incredible journeys of a woman who, despite her frailty, overcomes countless challenges to bring God’s love to the poor and forgotten. Even though Mother Cabrini was afraid of water, she received the strength to sail across the ocean more than two dozen times!

    Featuring the vibrant artwork of Richard Cowdrey, Mother Cabrini’s work comes to life on every page. Cowdrey is a New York Times bestselling children’s book illustrator, fine artist, author, speaker, and educator. Richard lives in the heart of Ohio’s Amish community and enjoys traveling across the country to speak at schools and encourage students to find and refine their gifts. As children journey through the beautifully illustrated pages, they’ll be inspired to develop the compassion, bravery, and faith in God to empower their own adventures ahead.

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  • Discovering The Camino De Santiago


    After the Holy Land and Rome, Santiago de Compostela draws more pilgrims than any other place in the world. For the first time for English-speaking readers, a priest-pastor chronicles the month-long life and times of a pilgrim on this storied walk. In an account both profound and delightful, Fr. Greg Markey relates the challenges he endured and the consolations he enjoyed along the much-celebrated Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James).

    Fr. Markey’s peaceful journey along the five-hundred-mile trail – Web-free, phone-free, and television-free – generated an astonishing array of brief but potent spiritual reflections. Then forty-one years old, Father did not conceal his priesthood, choosing on the contrary to wear the traditional Roman collar. And, unsurprisingly, the fruitful conversations that resulted with pilgrims were reflective, sometimes serious, comforting, and practical.

    Throughout his arduous trek, as recounted in this book, Fr. Markey displayed both a keen mind and a pastoral heart. His mission was successful but not without incident, as he encountered a wide variety of Christians and unbelievers struggling or lost in personal crises, some reflecting upon great loss or rediscovering Christ as the focus of their lives.

    There was plenty of private time along the trail as well. Fr. Markey gleaned spiritual lessons for himself and his flock, to whom he wrote, and he chronicled them in a journal. Through his life-changing witness, you will discover:

    *Stories of searching souls who were touched by a word of faith or a small gift

    *Life lessons from the physical difficulties and temptations he endured on the Way

    *How God unexpectedly speaks to us in our need through His Word and through others

    *Why the Camino is a metaphor for life and the ways in which it attunes the soul to Divine Providence

    *The encouraging bond that exists between Catholics from all places, ages, and walks of life

    You will also learn about the fascinating life of St. James the Greater and miracles of his intercession – including more than twenty interventions on the battlefield – as well as the discovery and authentication of his relics. Pope Benedict XVI’s 2010 homily at Santiago Cathedral is also featured.

    “If there is a powerful lesson on the Camino, it is that I am no longer in control; and just when I have no more strength and no more options, He catches me, reminding me He is ultimately in control.” – Fr. Greg Markey

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  • Spiritual Lightning : Answering Your Call From Jesus To Master His Values


    St. Paul was struck down by divine power, from a bolt of spiritual lightning. In our own lives, we also experience moments of spiritual lightning, whether subtly, dramatically, or circumstantially. Throughout this attention-grabbing book, Deacon Richard Eason reveals how to let God’s power run wild in your soul so that you can be formed in Christ’s values and revel in the abundant life.

    Through compelling real-life examples, including sports analogies, Deacon Eason focuses each chapter on a specific teaching, grace, and spiritual reflection to empower you on the road to salvation. Also included for each teaching are questions for personal contemplation and to foster group discussions. These potent and enlightening reflections show you how to identify the “lightning experiences” God uses to touch your soul. They will help you discover:

    *The four-step process to attain divine peace in the face of fear, stress, anxiety, and worry
    *The way to replace spiritual mediocrity with spiritual maturity
    *How spiritual lightning was unleashed in the lives of saints and contemporary witnesses
    *Two “highways to Heaven” and what Jesus taught to help us maintain grace in our souls
    *Ways to follow Christ’s example in living the Corporal Works of Mercy
    *How to develop a master plan to follow Christ’s teachings and attain Heaven

    Additionally, Deacon Eason will help you perceive how to grow in docility to the Holy Spirit, develop a truly personal relationship with God through a dedicated prayer life, and reach out to others in selfless love. He includes multiple methods to aid you in cultivating virtue and self-discipline, from the sacraments, to the daily examen, to keeping a scorecard. He also reflects upon the importance of Our Lady in our spiritual lives, revealing stunning modern-day miracles obtained through her intercession.

    Through personal anecdotes and inspiring stories, Deacon Eason reveals how to develop strength and courage during times of suffering and ways to obtain healing. He shows you how to garner the benefits of “autopilot faith” and develop trust in God through prayer, leading to positive transformation, spiritual tranquility, and increased joy and happiness. By the end of the book, you will have the tools to develop a “spiritual bucket plan” for attaining life’s ultimate goal – eternal life with Jesus in Heaven.

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  • Hidden Power Of Silence In The Mass


    In this game-changing book, Fr. Boniface Hicks, O.S.B., reveals how you can actively listen and open yourself to receive God’s personal love for you in the Mass, where our Lord waits to quench your deepest longing and heal your wounds. Drawing from the wisdom of the saints, modern-day spiritual giants, and his own penetrating reflections, you will learn how to quiet your mind, stretch your heart, and become childlike in the sense of experiencing the sacred mysteries with wonder and awe.

    The Mass, as most Catholics are aware, consists of words and gestures through which the Church worships the Father through the Son in the Holy Spirit. But as far fewer Catholics know, the periods of silence are more than pauses or empty spaces, as Fr. Hicks explains. They are beautifully textured with prescribed prayers spoken quietly by the priest, meaningful images such as incense and chalice veils, and expectant faith ready to surrender or receive from God in particular ways. Learning how to attune our hearts to these silences can greatly increase the fruitfulness of our reception of grace at Mass.

    In these soul-enriching pages, you will explore the various textures of silence in general, the ways in which silence affects your interior life, and how silence can draw you into more intimate prayer. You will also find:

    *How our Lady is the supreme model on how to cultivate active and receptive silence

    *The secret to settling slowly into silence, relaxing, and entering into an inner dialogue with God

    *Tips on how to commune with God in your heart and on practicing lectio divina

    *What St. Benedict teaches on developing silence in prayer, speech, activities, and thoughts

    Fr. Hicks further guides you through each of the nine silent (secreto) prayers of the priest, the silent gestures in the Mass, such as the use of incense and the unveiling of the chalice, and the intentional periods of silence, including during the Liturgy of the Word and after receiving Holy Communion.

    You will discover the pattern through which divine life came to earth and how the fire of Christ’s merciful love comes to the soul. Moreover, you will come to understand how your physical silence at Mass fosters your spiritual silence and becomes an “act of love” through self-offering, adoration, communion, and resting in the inexpressible mystery.

    Each chapter includes reflection questions designed to foster group discussions so parish members can reflect on and grow together in

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  • Restoring The Lords Day


    Modern society has forgotten that the joie de vivre and the liturgical life are intertwined. Drawing from his experiences growing up in the Catholic culture of New Orleans, author Daniel Fitzpatrick juxtaposes the beauty of taking time to celebrate the Faith with the ongoing cultural drift toward eliminating the Sabbath. The result is a book that will awaken Christians from their spiritual sloth and enable them to appreciate the Lord’s Day more deeply as a means of attaining happiness – in the here and in the hereafter.

    Fitzpatrick masterfully breaks open Scripture, philosophy, psychology, and literature – from Homer to Dante, from St. John Cassian to Evelyn Waugh – positing that we have become Pharaohs within, consumed as we are with anxiety and work. The lines for commerce on Sundays, he points out, stretch out further than those for Holy Communion, while inertia blankets us and idleness saps us of our vitality and zeal.

    Through his fresh insights and contemporary examples, you will discover:

    *How to honor the Lord’s Day and reclaim the freedom to truly worship God
    *Three aspects of the noonday devil’s approach, and how to recognize and defeat them
    *Five ways to reorder your Sunday activities to restore Sabbath festivity and holiness
    *How the Holy Eucharist strengthens and enlightens us on our journey to Heaven
    *Techniques for cultivating the silence of contemplation

    Additionally, you will see why Aquinas, Augustine, and the Desert Fathers identified acedia as an obstacle to advancement in the spiritual life – a sin against the Lord’s Day that often leads people to experience Sunday as a day of anxiety. You will also see how one comes to neglect the dignity of the human person and risks falling prey to immorality when one loses sight of what is holy. Conversely, you will see how living a holy family life, particularly on Sunday, trains us for the heavenly banquet.

    Fitzpatrick also explains how the liturgy is meant to be celebrated in light of the writings of Pope Benedict XVI and other spiritual authors, and how it invites us to partake of the true “heavenly festivity” here on earth while preparing us for everlasting joy with God in Heaven.

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  • Mother Cabrini Companion


    Discover the profound teachings of Mother Francesca Cabrini, also recognized as St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, the prolific humanitarian and the first American saint, in The Cabrini Companion, a weekly devotional.

    Angel Studios is proud to bring her story to life in the major motion picture, Cabrini, along with this devotional to inspire all to follow in Mother Cabrini’s footsteps toward a life of deep love and unstoppable faith.

    Immerse yourself in her inspired writings, which resonate with a zeal for souls that led her
    across oceans and continents to touch lives and spread the word of God.

    Drawn from her letters from her international travels and her extensive spiritual retreat notes, these entries speak directly to souls seeking conviction and courage. Experience the beauty of Mother Cabrini’s inner world as she shares practical advice for spiritual development interspersed with poetic descriptions of creation, the sacraments, the virtues, and the joys of Heaven.

    Her unique perspective infuses our fallen world with an otherworldly serenity, offering solace
    and inspiration to souls troubled by life’s challenges. A perfect enhancement to the blockbuster film, this devotional allows you to delve into the heart of Mother Cabrini’s spirituality and connect deeply with her teachings and insights.

    Enhance your spiritual journey with the enduring wisdom of Mother Cabrini. Let her words
    guide you toward a life grounded in faith, trust, and the boundless love of God.

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  • Satan : The Tempter’s Existence In The World And Nature


    One of the most diabolical lies of all time is that the devil doesn’t exist. When we lose sight of the reality of the devil’s existence, our souls are in peril because we become defenseless in a battle we don’t even realize is being fought. The opposite view can also be insidious, as is increasingly clear in our age of rising obsession with the allurements of evil and the occult.

    In this preeminent collection of more than thirty historical, literary, philosophical, and
    psychological essays from esteemed authors, the nature and role of Satan are exposed, and the highest card he has to play against the world is revealed. This classic compendium is divided into five sections: “Satan’s Existence and Nature,” “The Place of the Devil outside Christianity,” “Possession and Diabolism,” “The Devil in Art and Literature,” and “Deicide.” Through these themes, you will learn how to discern when and where the devil is lurking, and ways to avoid his snares. You will also discover:

    *How precisely the evil one leads us into temptation and sin
    *Three remedies against the devil’s tactics according to St. John of the Cross
    *Ways St. Teresa of Avila was victorious over the enemy’s lies and “flies”
    *How pagan religions view evil and demonic influence in the world
    *How the greatest deceptions and evils enter the soul

    In addition, you will see what the Scriptures, Church Fathers and other spiritual writers –
    including many saints – said about the devil’s existence and ploys. You’ll be absorbed by fascinating true stories from those who were possessed and delivered from evil spirits and by mysterious phenomena from dream demons, to pseudo-possession, to the Church’s view of witchcraft throughout history.

    Moreover, you will discover the connection between body, mind, and spirit in cases of possession and oppression, as well as the role of medicine in determining whether a person is authentically possessed. You will also observe how even in situations where an individual is not possessed, Satan may be working to hinder that person’s health and happiness. Above all, you will see that amid the darkness, there is hope. While we must always be on guard against the enemy’s snares, victory is ensured when we take refuge in Christ’s Precious Blood.

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  • Unveiling The Sixth Station Of The Cross


    “Convert us, O God; and shew us thy face, and we shall be saved” (Psalm 80:3).

    Although many are familiar with the Holy Face Devotion, key fruits and wonders remain untold, and various of its most important spiritual treasures have yet to be discovered – until now.

    In these extraordinary pages, Mary Jane Zuzolo unveils for you how this devotion is prefigured in the book of Job, complements Fatima and other Marian apparitions, encompasses the spirituality of St. Therese, crowns the insights of the great Carmelite mystics, affirms the Mariology of St. Louis de Montfort, and has generated more miracles than the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes.

    Words of Christ from approved private revelations describe the Holy Face Devotion as “the most beautiful work under the sun” and “the greatest source of grace second to the sacraments.” Zuzolo further reveals:

    *The Miracle of the Vatican, in which the Holy Face image became enlivened, serving as catalyst for the related wonder-working at the hands of Ven. Leo Dupont.

    *The woman in the Gospel who was designated by Christ in private revelations as the model of reparation to His wounded Countenance – and whose “reward” prefigured that which He promises for devotees of the Holy Face Devotion.

    *How reparation to the Holy Face relates to the Holy Sacrament of the Altar and is complementary to the Sacred Heart and Divine Mercy devotions.

    *How St. Joan of Arc was the forebearer of the Holy Face Devotion in her dramatic assistance of the preservation of Catholicism in France.

    *How the Holy Face Devotion serves as an antidote to communism and modernism.

    The Holy Face Devotion, Zuzolo explains, was bestowed by Christ “as a new pledge of mercy.” Its graces flowing though “Our Lady of the Holy Name of God” and its preference by God to all other devotions together give the affectionate title “Mother of All Devotions” dual significance.

    In our time of heightened sin and darkness, the Holy Face Devotion is a means of imploring the Countenance of Christ to “turn toward us” and restore life and light to the world through conversion of the masses. Unlike any other, the Holy Face Devotion is centered on reparation to the Godhead Itself. In recompense, Our Lord promises to imprint His Image, the very “seal of the Divinity,” upon the soul of the devotee. Practicing this devotion is therefore an invaluable aid to our individual salvation, as well as that of our brethren. It is spiritual armament

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  • God Made You A Girl Or A Boy


    This book helps children understand how God specially designs His creatures. With simple
    reasoning, it helps them realize that their identities are fixed and unchanging. (“God made a bird. He’ll always be a bird!”)

    By following a boy named Joe at play, kids will see how God creates each of His children as
    a boy or a girl – “Male and female he created them!” Children will delight in the full-color, friendly, engaging illustrations. The fun, rhyming verses and imaginative descriptions of dressing up and pretending to be superheroes and bears will enchant young and old alike.

    This book is part of a series to help children learn to appreciate the gift of their God-given
    sex in an age when its clarity and permanence are being questioned. God is faithful, and His love for each person remains constant. He cherishes the person that He created and called each of us to be.

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  • God Made You And Will Always Love You


    God created each person with a special purpose – to love and to be loved. He loves you
    unconditionally- just the way you are.

    This charming board book is the first in a series about Joe and Marie. It uses simple
    rhymes and imagery such as flowers, hummingbirds, and dogs to explain the truth about how God made individuals as either boys or girls and how they should embrace their identity as His beloved children.

    In these times, when people sometimes experience gender confusion, this little book
    offers a crisp, clear, compassionate message of God’s plan for your happiness.

    Above all, it shares the good news that is timeless: God’s love is eternal and unwavering,
    and each individual should delight in being the person he or she was created to be as a son or daughter of God.

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  • Girl Is A Girl


    This charming book celebrates how every girl is precious and unique in God’s eyes,
    whether playing with trucks, feeding ducks, digging in the dirt, or twirling in a skirt. Children will delight in the vibrant, colorful, heartwarming illustrations.

    Being a girl is not defined by external factors such as clothing preferences or favorite
    subjects. Emotions come and go, but God’s love is eternal and provides lasting dignity and
    worth. Every girl is a child of God, and her femininity is a gift. She possesses infinite value that cannot be taken away.

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  • Boy Is A Boy


    This charming book celebrates how every boy is precious and unique in God’s
    eyes, whether singing and dancing, climbing high, or baking apple pies. Children will
    enjoy the fun rhymes and colorful, heartwarming illustrations.

    Being a boy is not defined by external factors such as clothing styles or skills.
    Emotions are fleeting, but God's love is eternal and provides lasting dignity and worth.
    Every boy is a child of God, and his masculinity is a gift. He possesses infinite value that
    cannot be taken away.

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  • Sacred Conversation : How God Wants Us To Communicate


    Imagine the best conversation you’ve ever had – one that set your heart on fire, challenged your thinking, brought you closer to God, and inspired you to act. Recall how that conversation made you feel and how it changed your heart and your life. Such interactions rise to the level of the sacred – sacred conversations – dialogues that transform hearts, strengthen relationships, and make the world a better place by converting compassionate love into action.

    Conversations like this are rare but accessible to all of us all the time, regardless of where we are on our spiritual journeys. Dr. Christopher Reed provides a divinely inspired, scientifically tested, step-by-step process for guiding interactions between “seekers” and “helpers.” We are all seekers, and we can all become helpers. This book will show you how to relate to others in their pain, frustration, hopes, and dreams. You will also learn:

    The six components of peak communication:

    *How you can invite, understand, and illuminate others through your conversations
    *Three historical and scriptural reasons we should study and use sacred conversations
    *How to stop, connect, reflect, and choose the best course of action in dialogue
    *Five ingredients in the anatomy of sacred conversations
    *Practical ways to build community, give thanks to God, and show gratitude for others

    Using Scripture, real-world examples, key scientific studies, and stories from his own formation, Dr. Reed provides approachable, fun-filled, well-researched advice on how you can use sacred conversations to become your best self and build closer relationships with others and with the Lord.

    Sacred Conversations offers a set of “how-to” tools for application, including flow charts, lists, and resources on the “Rules of the Road,” the “Sacred Conversations Model,” the roles of seekers and helpers, seven lessons for sacred conversations, and conversation starters to help you apply the model now to improve your life and help people in need. These pages will inspire your heart and reveal how everyday interactions can lead to spiritual growth, deep connections, and meaningful impact.

    This isn’t merely another Christian self-help book. It’s an inspired invitation to transform your life, and our world, one “sacred conversation” at a time. These spiritual encounters between people who want to grow in faith and virtue and live more purposeful and fulfilling lives will open your heart to hear God’s voice more clearly

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  • Interior Life Of Saint Ghomas Aquinas


    Many are well aware of St. Thomas Aquinas’s intellectual prowess – his genius in metaphysics and supernatural theology that pierced the depths of truth. However, few know about the private spiritual life of this illustrious Doctor of the Church. This work, written by Msgr. Martin Grabmann, a foremost authority on Aquinas, is unique in its telling of the holiness of St. Thomas’s priestly soul.

    Neither a purely devotional nor a strictly scientific treatment of the interior life of St. Thomas, this book combines the two to help you appreciate the character of the Angelic Doctor. Through St. Thomas’s own words, you will come to understand how and why he learned more at the feet of the Crucified One than from the innumerable books he read.

    In this revealing book, you will gain insights into Aquinas’s heart through his works and the acts of his canonization process. Msgr. Grabmann highlights three areas in the saint’s interior life: wisdom, charity, and peace. St. Thomas asked God that he might think like Christ, love like Christ, and be at peace like Christ, so his soul and actions were ordered after those of Jesus Christ, and his writings on intimacy with God flowed from his own experience of this communion.

    St. Thomas spent his life in contemplative prayer, study, writing, and preaching. It is said that he began his writings with prayer and was often moved to tears. Through testimonies about the Angelic Doctor, you will learn about his untold mysticism and discover:

    *The secret to developing fervent charity and attaining spiritual delight
    *The threefold wisdom in which St. Thomas found the meaning and happiness of life
    *Thomas’s exemplary purity and temperance and how he ordered his whole life toward God
    *His self-sacrifice, kindness, and charity and why he was called the Cherubim of the Eucharistic mystery

    Revered as one of the greatest thinkers of all time, St. Thomas also possessed the faith of a child. You will be astounded by the true stories of his humility and patience in instructing beginners in the spiritual life and the mercy and compassion he extended to others.

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  • Josephs Workshop


    Journey with Joseph as he spends the day in his carpentry shop, creating a surprise for the Child Jesus with his many impressive tools!

    In this charming board book, Julia Wade uses rhyme and repetition to help young readers imagine what it was like to see the great Joseph at work.

    Children will get an inside look at Joseph as he carefully uses a plane, a stick, a saw, and a hammer. They’ll watch him drafting and crafting, carving and measuring, drilling and shining the wood.

    Readers young and old will wonder what Joseph is creating as they admire his:

    *Quiet strength
    *Patient determination
    *Prudent skill
    *Peaceful spirit
    *Prayerful labor
    *Joyful love

    With paintings by Matthew Bartula and references to the litany of Joseph, this book is sure to deepen children’s love for Jesus’ earthly father ? and for the Holy Family.

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  • Guideposts For The Journey Home


    The guests in this collection each witness to how God reached out to them and opened their minds and hearts to let them know that He was always there, next to them, calling them home.
    – Marcus Grodi, from the Introduction

    Personal testimonies possess the spiritual dynamism to touch hearts. For over twenty-five years, The Journey Home program on EWTN has enjoyed immense success.

    Here you will find some of the show’s finest interviews, including answers to real-life questions posed by viewers. Popular and beloved guests Fr. Benedict Groeschel and Mother Angelica recount their vocational journeys; Scott Hahn testifies to God’s mercy at work in his journey to the Catholic Faith; Steven Mosher valiantly defends the Church’s teachings on the sanctity of human life; and Alice von Hildebrand recounts the conversion of her brilliant and saintly husband, Dietrich.

    Host Marcus Grodi’s aim is to share personal stories of conversion, hope, and renewal with readers and to help them stay close to Christ and His Church amid life’s storms. Thus, Marcus and his guests offer a personal covenant relationship with Christ, covering topics such as spiritual and moral struggles and questions about Scripture, Tradition, and why the Catholic Church possesses the fullness of the truth.

    In this treasure trove, you will find fascinating stories about miracles, healings, and vocational journeys. You will also learn about:

    *The second conversion we are all called to and what it entails
    *The stages of the spiritual life and the secret to progressing to the next level
    *Ways to grow in understanding and fervent devotion for the Mass and daily prayer
    *How to evangelize non-Catholics and a oethe sacramentalized
    *Why the Church’s doctrine on marriage and family is crucial in modernity
    *Teachings on the Pope, Our Lady, the Holy Eucharist, the Sacraments, and more

    The road to Heaven is steep and narrow and our path doesn’t always seem clear. However, as you read the powerful stories of these faithful witnesses and walk with them on their transforming journeys, you will be moved by the profound love of God the Father Who is always at your side. Gazing upon the splendor of truth, revealed through the Bible and sacramental life of the Church, you will behold His wisdom at work in your life.

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  • Detransition Diaries


    We live in unprecedented times, when what was known for thousands of years, that we are created male and female, is now up for debate. It is now controversial to see that sex is binary, that a man can never become a woman, nor a woman a man, and that men should not enter women’s sports, women’s bathrooms, and women’s prisons, merely for saying that they are a woman. We are witnessing a rapid rise in gender confusion among young people, especially among young women and girls.

    The Detransition Diaries is both personal and historical. It is personal in that it recounts the stories of five women and two men who felt they were born in the wrong body and believed the lie they were told by peers, teachers, and medical professionals that they could be their “true” selves by medically and surgically altering their bodies to match the opposite sex. Their stories describe the short- and long-term harm that so-called gender-affirmative medicine did to their mental and physical health. The book is historical because it outlines the history of the “gender-affirmation” movement, including the various individuals and organizations who have peddled the idea that the sexual binary is arbitrary.

    The book closes with an analysis on how this dark chapter in medical abuse might end and what is needed for medicine to regain its obligation to do no harm.

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  • Our Lady Of Sorrows


    Imagine if you were privileged enough to sit beside Our Lady and hear from her very lips the
    story of Jesus’ birth and suffering. In these short, moving reflections, told from the perspective of the Blessed Mother to a child, readers young and old will experience a depth of love for God and closeness to Mary’s tender heart such as they have never felt before.

    Patrick O’Hearn masterfully guides you through Our Lady’s Seven Sorrows with brief
    Scripture passages, meditations, and prayers for each mystery. He revives the age-old practice of praying seven Hail Marys daily in honor of Our Lady’s Seven Sorrows, one of the simplest yet most powerful and grace-releasing devotions in the Catholic Church that every Catholic child should know and practice.

    As Our Lady speaks to your soul through these stirring reflections, accompanied by
    breathtaking illustrations by Adalee Hude, she will help you:

    *Overcome any fear, worry, or doubt
    *Develop virtues such as courage, faith, and perseverance
    *Imitate the Holy Family in practicing obedience, trust, and fidelity
    *Reflect on the life of Jesus from His birth through His Passion
    *Grow in grace and hope in Jesus’ Resurrection

    This book also contains a collection of traditional prayers in both English and Latin as well
    as four original prayers by Fr. Chad Ripperger that children can pray daily in gratitude to grow closer to Our Lady and for their vocation and protection.

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  • Get Behind Me Satan


    Fr. Gabriele Amorth, known as “the Pope’s Exorcist,” exposes the reality of evil and lays out what our response should be in a time when the devil appears more powerful and cunningly alluring than ever. Our age, Fr. Amorth explains, is seduced by the wiles of the enemy – either through fascination with the occult or through willful ignorance. There is, however, nothing to fear when we put on the armor of God.

    In these absorbing pages, Fr. Amorth offers ways to equip yourself and your loved ones for the spiritual battle that all humans are destined to face – and to attain victory. From the pen of the legendary priest exorcist, you will learn gripping details about:

    *The figure of Satan and key ways to protect yourself from diabolical snares

    *The role of exorcists – past and present – and their discernment in counseling afflicted souls

    *Lessons from the saints in overcoming the temptations and attacks of the devil

    *Six types of disturbances that the devil can provoke (Can you guess them?)

    *Three things that cause a soul to fall into diabolical disturbances

    *Signs of diabolical possession and the view of science in such cases

    An invaluable collection of tried-and-true traditional prayers is also included for protection against the devil and liberation from his bondage.

    Fr. Amorth further explains the origin of Hell and the primary tactic the devil uses in pursuit of souls. He also provides a brief overview of the history of exorcism from the earliest centuries of Christianity and describes the ministry of exorcism, yesterday and today. Drawing from the riches of his experience, Father clarifies how he evaluates whether an individual is suffering due to preternatural causes and reveals the only authentic proof of malevolent influence.

    Significantly, you will see how the ability to cast out demons testifies to Jesus’ divinity and will discover ways that all of the faithful can intercede for the afflicted. Above all, you will be consoled by the power of Christ over the enemy and learn to rest safely in His care while trusting that by His Precious Blood shed on the Cross the triumph is already won.

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  • Our Ladys Prophecies


    When Servant of God Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres received her famous apparitions – the Quito apparitions – from Our Lady, she was so appalled that she died. A doctor confirmed her shocking death. But thankfully, when her sisters prayed, she was raised to life again.

    Here James Valois masterfully recounts the stunning prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success of the Purification, which, though they occurred four hundred years ago in the capital city of Ecuador, concern the current crisis in the Church and the world. Approved by Bishop Salvador Ribera Avalos in 1611 and by every bishop in Ecuador since that time, these apparitions are for our era.

    The relevance of many of these prophecies to today’s events, spoken, as they were, about what would begin in the twentieth century and spill over into the twenty-first, is remarkable. Their gripping messages foretell the radical changes in customs and the disturbing state of our modern world that we are facing.

    Our Blessed Mother’s enlightening words to Mother Mariana de Jesus – a humble nun renowned for her holiness – bear similarities to the prophecies of Our Lady of Fatima. Although some of the portents are alarming, the promises of hope shine through the darkness of our current crisis.

    Our Lady’s revelatory words pierce to the heart of our present state of affairs: the attacks on the Church from without and within, targeting the sacraments, the priesthood, and the family. You will be enthralled by:

    *A heart-pounding apparition of Our Lady and the Infant Jesus, amid a storm at sea
    *The reasons why three swords of punishment would be unleashed in the twentieth century
    *Five mysterious meanings of “the apparition of the extinguishing of the sanctuary lamp”
    *Revelations of God the Father’s love and encouragement for His children
    *The “ineffable joy” of the Blessed Mother’s care and intercession
    *Details of the Great Crisis and profanations foretold – some fulfilled and others yet to occur

    At such a dark hour, it may appear that all is lost and Christian civilization has ended forever – but this is not the case. Mother Mariana de Jesus offered her life as a victim soul; the miracles and mystical graces won through her heroic life, and the spiritual phenomena she experienced, continue to result in marvelous transformations of holiness today. Above all, Mother Mary’s messages are a call for conversion and renewal and for defenders of the Faith to arise in the face of cultural opposition, join

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  • Guidance In Spiritual Direction


    Spiritual direction is a vital aspect of the priestly ministry. It launches souls on the road to Heaven and keeps them oriented as the pathway becomes narrow and steep. Everyone – from the pope to the most innocent of children – needs spiritual direction.

    In these rich pages, Msgr. Charles Hugo Doyle shares wisdom and practical advice on the process that holds rewards not only for priests but for lay faithful as well.

    As Fr. Edward J. Hogan of St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore observed when the book was first published in 1958, “There are countless souls ripe for sanctity, full of generosity and desire, and needing only the expert advice of a divinely ordained doctor of souls to advance toward sainthood. Yet how often they remain unattended!”

    Fr. Hogan observed that some Catholic priests hesitate to engage in spiritual direction and to reap the harvest of saints it can produce because they suffer from “a feeling of inadequacy and of lack of the requisite knowledge for so sensitive an undertaking.”

    This is why the famed Msgr. Doyle wrote this book. He guided a generation of priests in the time-tested methods of spiritual direction and even today serves as a guide for lay Catholics who want to progress in holiness but have yet to find a spiritual director of their own.

    In one timeless volume, Msgr. Doyle lays out the classic principles of Catholic spirituality and distills advice from saints who were commonly regarded as the greatest spiritual directors of their time. You will discover:

    *The art of maintaining a devotional spirit all day long
    *How to advance through the “spiritual stages”
    *The stumbling blocks to genuine meditation
    *Seven brief prayers that can increase your devotion at Mass
    *Eight indicators that you are growing in holiness
    *Ten proven methods to advance in virtue

    You will also find ways the devil tries to disrupt you on the path to holiness and how to effectively battle the seven deadly sins. Additionally, you will learn about the danger of scruples, how to overcome them, and how to replace fear with a childlike trust and confidence in God.

    St. Vincent Ferrer, the great Dominican saint, said about spiritual direction, “A person who has a director by whom he allows himself to be guided . . . will more easily and quickly arrive at perfection than he ever could by himself.”

    This book is a must for every serious Christian’s spiritual library.

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  • Catholicism Everywhere : From Hail Mary Passes To Cappaccinos – How Catholi


    From sports to weather forecasting to wedding customs to military service, Catholicism Everywhere connects your work, your play, and your daily habits with the vibrant heritage, culture, and prayers of the Catholic Faith.

    Many faithful Catholics greet God and give Him thanks and praise when they arise in the morning and retire at night. How they stay connected with Him and the Faith throughout the day, however, varies widely. Many forget that He is right there to call upon whenever the need or impulse arises. Others see Him all around, in the flowers of the field, the birds of the air, the smile of a child. Uniquely, Catholicism Everywhere treats the reader to the many expressions of God in the hobbies, foods, structures, and inventions developed by the Catholic Church and her members.

    Enjoy a cup of coffee and thank Pope Clement VIII for his refusal to ban coffee and his edict proclaiming it to be an acceptable drink for Christians. Turn on the radio and recall that Fr. Jozef Murgas patented a form of wireless telegraphy, made the first wireless voice transmission, and gave away his secrets to allow for the development of radio. Send an e-mail and shop online with a nod to Sr. Mary Kenneth Keller, a member of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who became one of the first two students to earn a doctorate in computer science, helping pave the way for personal computing.

    In these crisp, compelling passages, you will also learn about:

    *The saint whose research led to the discovery of insulin
    *The priest who posited the big bang theory
    *The thrilling significance of the St. Michael’s Jump
    *The origin of the Hail Mary pass
    *The saint who used beer to help save lives
    *The actor whose promise in prayer led to the building of a famous children’s hospital
    *The film Pope Paul VI said would bring more people to Christ than anything before

    These and other remarkable stories show how the Catholic Church and her members have borne tremendous fruit, in faith, to serve their fellow man. This book features chapters on pets, gardening, health care, cuisine, travel, entertainment, science, and more, including the Catholic founding of Alcoholics Anonymous, the Mayo Clinic, the Blue Army, the Knights of Columbus, and the Legion of Mary.

    From sports to weather forecasting to wedding customs to military service, Catholicism Everywhere connects your work, your play, and your daily habits with the vibrant heritage, culture, and prayers of t

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  • New Scientific Evidence For The Existence Of God


    Here is the book you need to challenge atheists and agnostics to defend their ideologies logically and rationally and to fortify your own beliefs. In this distinctive book, which draws from all fields of science, Jose Carlos Gonzalez-Hurtado presents a preponderance of empirical evidence for theism in a way that you can easily understand and explains how atheism twists reality to justify its view by “selective skepticism.”

    This thoroughly documented incisive work will strengthen your view of the existence of God,
    regardless of your beliefs about evolution or lack of religious affiliation. Gonzalez-Hurtado explains how the majority of mathematicians and scientists who are remembered for remarkable discoveries in mathematics, physics, quantum mechanics, chemistry, cosmology, biology, and more were theists – and he provides many of their accounts. In these enlightening pages, you will find:

    *How the Second Law of Thermodynamics, cited by Albert Einstein as the most important, points to God

    *Answers about the Big Bang Theory, evolution, and other much-debated questions

    *How NASA explorers confirmed the standard cosmological argument

    *Ways in which mathematical theorems, statistics, and probabilities indicate God’s existence

    *Twenty constants that allow us to exist, and seven aspects of St. Anselm’s ontological
    *argument for God

    *How St. Augustine’s words were verified by science

    In addition, Gonzalez-Hurtado illustrates why string theory and multiverses are best left for
    Hollywood movies, how verified results in cosmic microwave background and other observations verify the creation of the universe, and how multiple attempts to support the “theory of the bouncing universe” are disproved.

    Although the science behind a Necessary Being is irrefutable, a small but vocal number of
    scientists refuse to accept the evidence. Some oppressive regimes have gone so far as to persecute or kill those who espouse cosmology, but Hurtado exposes these crimes and debunks their illogical thinking.

    You will learn the difference between creationism and Intelligent Design and what it really means to live by Darwinian laws. As even Stephen Hawking admitted, “The universe has not always existed; on the contrary, the universe, and time itself, had a beginning with the Big Bang.”

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  • Paths Of Evil


    Conspiracies and secret societies exist because man, wounded by Original Sin, is inclined to evil and his social nature leads him to unite with other men in carrying out evil plans. With typical precision, historian Roberto de Mattei navigates us through this gloomy labyrinth of evil amid congiure, conspiracies, and plots – terms often used as synonyms but which, through their semantic and conceptual differences, can each assist us in understanding better the hidden dimension of the history of the past five centuries.

    While the Italian term congiure indicates secret agreements limited to a few people and aimed at killing a sovereign or a political leader, often in the context of a power struggle, conspiracies are projects with a much broader scope that seek to overthrow the constituted order. The golden age of congiure and political assassinations runs from the poisons of the Renaissance to the 1700s. Then, with the Enlightenment and the French Revolution, an age opened in which the traditional congiure was bolstered by the development of conspiracies of an ideological and political character.

    The plot, on the other hand, is an elusive, hidden agglomerate of which neither the identity of the protagonists nor the concrete operative means are revealed. Professor de Mattei posits that the contemporary plotting spirit we see today – from the Aquarius conspiracy, to the reptilians, to the Great Reset, to the virus pandemic – has nothing to do with the study of anti-Christian secret societies, which has always been part of historiography and Catholic apologetics but, in fact, plays into the hands of those intent on the psychological, intellectual, and moral destabilization of the West. In these fascinating pages, you will discover:

    *Whether sociopsychological criteria are enough to formulate a conspiracy theory
    *What famous political minds such as Niccolo Machiavelli believed about conspiracies
    *How fabrications of plots by individuals such as Catherine de’ Medici led to bloodshed
    *The cruelest epoch in history and its aftershocks in the schemes of secret societies
    *The role of the occult in plots and conspiracies, and its relationship with revolution
    *Solutions to avoid becoming lost in the matrix of evil and lies in modernity

    Ultimately, you will find how to differentiate between true and false plots and to discern how some conspiracies lead to heresy and insidiously attempt to destroy Christianity. By reading this book, you will be equipping

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  • Why We Think What We Think


    We’re all starting to hear people ask how the world has gotten to be the way it is. Grafted onto the usual complaints about why people are so greedy, self-absorbed, and callous toward one another are new expressions of frustration about even more fundamental concerns. Why can’t we agree on concepts that used to be basic common sense? Why does our very language now seem to be a minefield that only the most wily and tactical (or cynical) among us can navigate?

    The only way to understand fully how we have arrived at this state – and what, if anything, we might be able to do about it – is to embark on a journey back in time to see where we went off the rails. With candor and occasional humor, Dan LeRoy tells the sweeping story of Western thought from its beginnings to the present, revealing the souls and idiosyncrasies of its greatest thinkers. Through stirring vignettes, he tells the real story of how our customs and thought patterns developed and then relates it to our current moment of rupture.

    In pages that sometimes read like an Indiana Jones adventure, LeRoy explains the detour that philosophy took nearly a thousand years ago that has led Western society to its current, dire situation. With sharp pen and clear eye, he reveals:

    *The roots of classical philosophy, including empiricism (Ready to wade into the water?)
    *How views on ethics and morality began to take shape even before Christ
    *The three ways to attain happiness, according to the Big Three philosophers
    *Four splinter groups and how their philosophies impact us today
    *The enduring teachings of Sts. Augustine and Aquinas, among many others

    You will find out about amazing discoveries during the early days of rationalism, from mathematical equations to intervals between music notes, and how this universal ratio applied to another scientific revelation. Along the way, you will see the relevance of famous (and infamous) beliefs, including the Realm of Forms, the Four Causes, and Pascal’s Wager as well as dualism, humanism, materialism, and pantheism. Additionally, you will learn about how these ideologies provided the basis for modern-day politics, education, and belief in the transcendent, and the bridge between ancient philosophy and Christianity.

    LeRoy unveils the ways in which the beliefs our society has largely abandoned still affect our everyday lives. Knowing why we think what we think is the only way to recover the ideas – many of them Christian in origin – tha

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  • Digital Disciple : Carlo Acutis And The Eucharist


    A comic book based on the life of Bl. Carlo Acutis!

    Meet Carlo, an Italian fifteen-year-old computer geek who loved superheroes and video games, but most of all, the Holy Eucharist. This action packed comic book highlights the final years of Blessed Carlo Acutis’ life and how he became a digital disciple, creating a dynamic website and stunning display that taught others about the many remarkable Eucharistic miracles around the world. Readers will be captivated by Carlo, a likable teenage boy who continues to inspire the world by his simple life and extraordinary example of holiness.

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  • Litanies Of The Heart


    All of us are wounded and in need of healing. In these pages, Dr. Gerry Crete accompanies you on your journey to overcome anxiety and traumas, big or small. You will benefit from his “parts work” therapeutic approach to find inner harmony, greater life fulfillment, and a deeper, more intimate relationship with God.

    Through this specialized technique, you will experience growth, transformation, and ultimately, restoration. This book stands alone in its seamless integration of advanced trauma-based treatment with rich biblical and Christian traditions. Each chapter offers a concise, real-life vignette, an exploration of the psychology of the interior world, a Scripture study, reflection questions, a meditation, and practical ways to apply these life-changing methods. You will also find:

    *The key virtue in inner transformation
    *What is really meant by true self-love
    *The way to begin to open yourself to God’s grace and healing
    *How your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health are interconnected
    *Eight characteristics of the redeemed inmost self

    Dr. Gerry guides you in identifying and understanding past wounds to achieve healing and experience lasting freedom. You will learn how to enter into your inmost self, created in the image and likeness of God. You will also learn how to develop the “eight Cs”: to be calm, connected, compassionate, clear-thinking, curious, creative, courageous, and confident. Additionally, you will learn to foster the “five Ps”: patience, persistence, perspective, playfulness, and presence.

    As you rest in the spiritual center of your soul, you will learn to lay down your burdens and feelings of being overwhelmed. Above all, you will find how to truly experience God’s love and learn to love Him and others fully.

    The book includes three litanies: the Litany of the Closed Heart, the Litany of the Wounded Heart, and the Litany of the Fearful Heart. These litanies have been used by countless people to connect their inner parts with God’s love and mercy. The goal of the litanies is to bring you into a closer relationship with God as you release your fears and anxieties.

    We know that in God’s embrace we can find safety and that God can heal all of our wounds with loving care,” Dr. Gerry explains. “God truly knows us, sees us, and wants the very best for us. And God delights in watching us discover our true selves.”

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  • Medal Knight Chapter 1 Max And The Robot


    Inspired by St. Maximilian Kolbe!

    Max is a gifted eighteen year old, enrolled in a highly advanced technical school, making remarkable breakthroughs in the emerging field of robotics. He is proud of what he has built, believing his inventions will truly help people.

    However, after Max completes his first robot, he discovers his talents were being used for nefarious purposes by the owner of the school.

    Will Max keep his head down and let his robot be exploited for illegal activity?

    Or will Max stay true to his beliefs and refuse to sit idly by?

    Find out what happens in the first chapter of Medal Knight!

    Interior artwork by Sergio Cariello of the Action Bible!

    Rated – Ages 10+ (contains some mild comic violence)

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  • Magdalena Prayer Book


    “Be converted and do penance for all your iniquities, and iniquity shall not be your ruin,” wrote the Holy Spirit by the mouth of the prophet Ezekiel. The Magdalena Prayer Book provides you with ways to practice conversion through perfect contrition – in the footsteps of St. Mary Magdalene, “Queen of Penitents” – and to unite yourself spiritually to our Lord in the Holy Eucharist as often as possible throughout the day to help you in your struggle against sin.

    In this powerful devotional, you will uncover the theology and devotions that encompass the essentials of perfect contrition and spiritual communion. You will thus discover:

    *The difference between perfect and imperfect contrition
    *What to do when sacramental Confession isn’t available
    *The conditions for perfect contrition, according to the Church
    *Why the habit of frequently examining your conscience is fruitful
    *How God longs to shower you with His mercy for your salvation

    Scriptural quotes on repentance and restoration are included and arranged by topic to help you develop a hatred for sin and the desire to confess and atone for your sins. Traditional prayers from the liturgy and the saints are also included to help you prayerfully cultivate the conditions for perfect contrition. Other features include a helpful examination of conscience, acts of spiritual communion, meditations on God’s mercy, and guidance on making a good thanksgiving after Holy Communion.

    As you learn how to embrace the model of St. Mary Magdalene, The Magdalena Prayer Book will help you reach deep into your heart and develop a genuine sorrow for past and present sins. This vital resource presents a holistic approach to contrition and spiritual communion. It offers insights that complement the journey of a repentant sinner, providing solace and guidance in the absence of, or as a supplement for, sacramental Confession and Communion.

    These timeless devotions will benefit the repentant soul at every step along the spiritual journey – from nurturing a profound love for God and a firm purpose of amendment to seeking unwavering confidence in the Divine Mercy of God.

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  • What The Heart Of Jesus Does And Says In The Tabernacle


    St. Manuel Gonzalez Garcia, renowned as the Bishop of the Abandoned Tabernacle and acclaimed the greatest Eucharistic priest since the Cure of Ars, reflected: “I intend to awaken the curiosity, which in this case can truly be called holy, to understand and uncover what the Heart of Jesus in the Tabernacle does, says, and feels. I promise delightful surprises, invaluable discoveries, unimagined horizons, to those who allow themselves to be piqued by this curiosity.”

    Through these profound yet practical meditations, sometimes written from the perspective of Jesus speaking to you, you will be guided into deeper intimacy with our Eucharistic Lord and inspired to share His love with others. Through this refreshing and transformative experience, you will discover:

    *Why the Gospels lead us to the tabernacle, and the tabernacle leads us to the Gospels
    *The mission of those closest to Jesus in the Gospels and how to imitate them
    *Greater fervor in receiving Holy Communion and praying in Eucharistic Adoration
    *How Jesus is neither idle nor silent in His Eucharistic Presence
    *The three ways the Heart of Jesus looks at souls – and how He looks at you
    *The secret to touching the Heart of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament to receive healing

    There is also a stirring section at the end of the book about what the Heart of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist says to priests.

    St. Manuel tirelessly wrote these reflections, originally published as articles, to “preach to active souls the necessity, importance, and fruitfulness of staying in the tabernacle because the Love who dwells there is not loved but is abandoned!” St. Manuel will show you how to cultivate awe and reverence as you bask in our Lord’s Eucharistic Presence and let His power permeate your life. As your love of Jesus’ Eucharistic Heart deepens, you will learn how to console Him as He consoles you and be inflamed to offer your life in witness to your faith.

    Above all, in the Holy Eucharist, you will encounter the Friend who always waits to listen to you with His Heart and always speaks to your heart. In the light of the tabernacle, you will learn how to grow in virtue, overcome temptation, and live without fear.

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  • Heavens Currency : A Study Of Love


    Heaven’s Currency: A Study of Love is the third book of Dr. Paul Chaloux’s best-selling trilogy on the great mysteries of life (along with Why All People Suffer and Dying without Fear). This eye-opening work explains how the mysteries of love, suffering, and death are synergistic and critically important in leading us to God and Heaven. Dr. Chaloux shows us that the Church’s teachings on the Four Last Things (death, judgment, Heaven, and Hell) and the last day gives us hope and the perspective that God has our best interests at heart and will extend His love and mercy to all those who seek to follow Him in good faith. With suffering as his principal focus, Dr. Chaloux dives deeply into the underlying reasons for painful times and debunks common misconceptions that often result in applying false attributes to God. Moreover, he presents the various ways people experience love in their lives, oftentimes in unexpected ways, and shows how they ultimately lead to salvation. He recounts real-life stories of those who experienced brokenness and found healing and joy through God’s love, even in moments of great distress.

    This study of the mystery of divine love explains the nature of love and how it is manifested in seven relationships known to us since antiquity. It shows how all these ways that we love have their foundation in charity, divine love, and depend on God for the spark that we all see when a friendship turns to love. Heaven’s Currency explains that love is a capability to be grown, not a commodity to be accumulated – and, hence, it increases rather than diminishes with use, and it can be lost forever if we choose not to share it. Jesus used parables, the Beatitudes, and the Commandments, as well as His life, Passion, death, and Resurrection, to teach us how to love divinely with sufficient intensity to share in His eternal life. Through the teachings of St. Paul, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Therese of Lisieux, and other saints, you will discover how divine love (or charity) is the true currency of Heaven. It emanates from God and is indeed the only thing that can be shared by both the living and the dead and that endures even beyond death.

    In Heaven’s Currency, you will discover:

    *How all love in infused into us by God, to be shared as widely as possible

    *How to recognize God’s love in our lives, even in times of distress

    *How sharing God’s love with others is part of God’s plan for us and is the source of our happiness

    *How St. Thomas d

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  • Story Of The First Easter Bunny


    At a time when the profound significance of Easter is often overshadowed by commercialism, The Story of the First Easter Bunny is a refreshing and heartwarming reminder of the true meaning of this most holy of Christian holidays.

    Best-selling author Anthony DeStefano tells the tale of a pint-size bunny with enormous ears who seeks healing for his sick mother by searching for Jesus and listening to His words. The bunny shows courage and compassion on his selfless journey. When all seems dark and he is afraid, the bunny remembers Christ’s words and takes refuge in God’s promise by calmly waiting for the light.

    After the bunny witnesses the Last Supper, the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection, he and his mother experience a life-changing miracle, and the bunny goes on to spread the message of salvation to all who will listen. His inspiring example is a reminder to readers – both the young and the young at heart – that God’s love is ever present and that when we trust Him with the confidence of a child, we find redemption, fulfillment, and lasting joy.

    This instant classic, told in charming rhyming verse and wonderfully illustrated by New York Times best-selling artist Richard Cowdrey, adopts the Easter Bunny as a symbol of hope in the Risen Lord, of the transformative power of faith, and of the reality of Heaven. It offers an inspiring alternative to our culture’s obsession with chocolate treats, dyed eggs, and cartoon characters of little substance.

    The moving tale of this endearing bunny who refused to give up hope will fill your heart with a song of praise and be a favorite in your home, classroom, and church for years to come.

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  • Hell And Its Problems


    In an age of rationalistic thinking, Hell is often reduced to a mere concept or a cleverly devised myth – even by certain members of the Church. Contrary to this notion, the most learned theologians and philosophers throughout the centuries have affirmed the logic behind Hell’s existence. In this prescient and eye-opening classic, Fr. Raupert offers a careful, comprehensive explanation of the Catholic doctrine on Hell. You’ll learn what it is, why it exists, and how to avoid it – in compelling, understandable language.

    While some posit that the devil is merely a creature of man’s imagination, you will see what the Bible really teaches about the evil one and Hell and how this undergirds the mysteries of Redemption and Restoration. You will come to understand how “universalism,” or disbelief in Hell, is a slippery slope to a spectrum of other heretical views. In fact, denial of the possibility of Hell engenders a lukewarm Church that gradually comes to disregard her mission to lead all souls to Christ.

    You will find answers to common arguments against eternal punishment and learn:

    *How modern science proves the existence of Hell
    *Five ways ancient civilizations believed in the reality of Hell
    *What the “voice of nature” says about the possibility of damnation
    *Modern objections and timeless replies from saints and scholars
    *What ultimately shapes and determines your character
    *Why the inner battles we face point to the existence of principalities and powers

    Most significantly, you will discover how the denial of Hell’s existence creates a myopic view of God that ultimately wreaks chaos. You will read evidence of the demonic at work through occult practices and learn about diabolical manifestations and spiritual warfare in the lives of the saints.

    As you gain a greater appreciation of the law of order at work in the moral universe, you will also perceive the one thing necessary for salvation and the hope to which you are called. You will see the urgency of converting now in order to ensure that you will enjoy eternal happiness in the hereafter. In an age of widespread moral relativism, this is the book that will provide you with the reasons to believe.

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  • Standing Strong : Good Discipline Makes Great Teens


    With wit and wisdom, Dr. Ray Guarendi gives parents the tools they need not only to navigate the teen years but also to enjoy them. Teens are “full of life, enthusiasm, energy, and laughter,” Dr. Ray asserts, in defiance of a culture that conditions us to expect a far gloomier reality. Too often, the world tells parents to be content with mediocrity instead of the prospect of raising respectful and responsible children with strong character.

    In a lively question-and-answer format, Dr. Ray unpacks issues ranging from sibling relationships and peer pressure to curfews and chores to overcoming backtalk and teaching your kids to avoid drugs. He equips parents to give their teens a safer, more stable adolescence and help them develop virtues for a lifetime. If you feel as if you’ve been a weak disciplinarian, Dr. Ray explains that “there are . . . critical reasons to reverse your parenting, even if it seems late.” He offers practical approaches such as:

    *Four tips to help you enjoy your kids’ teen years
    *Three techniques for becoming a calmer parent
    *Five ways to monitor your child’s use of technology
    *Four simple house rules that lead to success
    *Four consequences to curb nasty talk
    *A strategy to motivate underachievers

    You will also learn four key sayings for communicating more effectively with your teens. In addition, you will find out specific ways to cultivate an attitude of gratitude in your kids. Most significantly, you will learn how to help your children treat you with respect, so that they will develop this habit in their relationships with others as well. As you grow in becoming a stronger parent with calm, loving resolve, you will learn how to foster quality time with your teens and have real fun together.

    This book is wise, perceptive, and laugh-out-loud funny. Dr. Ray uses his trademark humor-with-a-dash-of-sarcasm to give those parents who are barely treading water some good, sound, logical advice to change the tone and tenor of their households for the better.

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  • Lily Of The Mohawks


    Caught between two worlds, Kateri Tekakwitha wants to live out her newfound Christian faith with every ounce of her being.

    However, she is also under intense pressure from her Mohawk tribe to remain steadfast in the beliefs and traditions of their community.

    What will she do?

    Will she abandon her Christian faith? Or will she find a way to live in both worlds as a faithful Native American Christian?

    Discover her radical choice in this exciting historical graphic novel on the life of St. Kateri Tekakwitha!

    Rated: Ages 10+

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  • Saints On The Go


    We’ve re-imagined Saints on the Go in a super fun, durable, thick paperboard 8″ x 8″ board book!

    Honk! Honk! How did the Saints get around? Take a look inside and see… From Saint Joan of Arc on her horse to St. John Paul the Great in the pope-mobile, the saints have been on the move spreading the news of Christ throughout the centuries! From the award-winning author/illustrator that brought you “The Virgin Mary Around the World! A pilgrimage of faith” comes the newest and most exciting way to share the lives of the saints with all the children in your life. This gorgeous, full color book will quickly become everyone’s favorite! Fun, rollicking poems and beautiful artwork will keep little ones engaged, and older children will love learning more about each saint in the “There’s More!” section.

    “Saints on the Go!” features 13 different saints (and 13 different modes of transportation!), including: St. Joan of Arc, St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Kateri Tekakwitha, St. Martin de Porres, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. John Bosco, St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, St. Katharine Drexel, St. Padre Pio, St. Maximillian Kolbe, St. Josemaria Escriva, St. Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa), and St. Pope John Paul II.

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  • Virgin Mary Around The World


    The Virgin Mary around the World with her spouse, The Holy Spirit. Can you find him on each page?!

    A beautifully created children’s book with the perfect blend of faith and fun. Twelve full color pages with 11 different apparitions of the Virgin Mary from around the world, this board book is sure to not only delight children but also help them learn about their beautiful Catholic faith. The perfect book for every little, and not so little one on your list!

    Marian apparitions featured in the book are: Our Lady of Guadalupe; Our Lady of China; Our Lady of Knock; Our Lady of Fatima; Our Lady of Vailankanni; Our Lady of Aparecida; Our Lady of Czestochowa; Our Lady of Kibeho; Our Lady of Mount Carmel; Our Lady of Lourdes; Our Lady of Charity (Cuba)

    Book measures 6″ x 6″.

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  • He Gave Us So Much


    “Benedict XVI was a spiritual master,” writes Robert Cardinal Sarah of his longtime mentor, after his death early 2023. “His very precise and profound theological thought is rooted in an authentic mystical and spiritual experience.” This book offers not an academic analysis of Ratzinger’s intellectual work, but a personal sketch of the “soul of Joseph Ratzinger”, a glimpse into “the secret recesses of his heart”.

    In He Gave Us So Much, Cardinal Sarah traces the spiritual contours of Ratzinger’s life and thought, revealing the image of a man on fire with love for God and neighbor. Benedict XVI was no professor in an ivory tower, but a shepherd and pastor, with the heart of a father. For him, prayer and meditation–communion with Christ–stand at the vibrant center of all Christian existence.

    After a series of essays on Ratzinger, He Gave Us So Much also presents a selection of texts and homilies written by the late pope himself, arranged by Cardinal Sarah as a “spiritual itinerary” for prayer. These works invite us to follow Jesus in our own lives–body, soul, and spirit–to the ends of the earth and beyond.

    “You may discover an unexpected, unknown Benedict XVI,” proposes Cardinal Sarah. “His teaching and his example are a continent, still unexplored, where the Church will be able to find nourishment for a long time.” This is no ordinary biography, but–in Sarah’s words–the “portrait of a saint”.

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  • Life Giving Wounds


    Over half of the people in the United States will experience the splitting up of their parents, statistics say. Yet no matter how “normal” divorce becomes, it always inflicts a profound wound on families–not only the parents, but the children, whether young or grown. The children of divorce are fractured on the level of their very being: heart, mind, and soul. If left untended, this break could pain them for the rest of their lives, tingeing their relationships, their faith, and their capacity for joy.

    Life-Giving Wounds offers a path to recovery for adult children of divorce and separation, and a thorough reference for those who love and care for them. Daniel and Bethany Meola draw from their personal experience, theological formation, and academic research–as well as from their work of accompanying hundreds of men and women from broken homes–to provide a compassionate, spiritually rich, and psychologically sound guidebook following the footsteps of the only true healer: Jesus Christ.

    Readers of Life-Giving Wounds learn to recognize the many ruptures caused by divorce and, more crucially, to find new life by grieving, praying, hoping, loving, forgiving, trusting, and committing to one’s vocation. In the Resurrection, God turns suffering into something infinitely beautiful: redemption. This is where we find healing that lasts. Our wounds may remain with us–as Christ’s did with him–but they can, like his, begin to givelife.

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  • 2024 Saint Joseph Missal Guide


    A handy calendar that indicates the Mass and texts that may be said on each day. Can be used with the following ST. JOSEPH SUNDAY MISSALS: Product Codes 820/09; 820/22GN; 820/22B; 820/10BN; and 820/23 and the following ST. JOSEPH WEEKDAY MISSALS: Product Codes 920/09; 920/23; 921/09; and 921/23.

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  • 2024 Saint Joseph Guide For The Liturgy Of The Hours


    Handy guide that facilitates use of THE LITURGY OF THE HOURS by providing clear, accurate references for each day of the period specified.

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  • 2024 Saint Joseph Guide For Christian Prayer (Large Type)


    Handy guide that facilitates use of the large-type edition of CHRISTIAN PRAYER, the one-volume LITURGY OF THE HOURS, by providing clear, accurate references for each day of the year.

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  • 2024 Saint Joseph Guide For The Liturgy Of The Hours (Large Type)


    Handy guide that facilitates use of the large-type edition of THE LITURGY OF THE HOURS by providing clear, accurate references for each day of the period specified.

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  • Saints Of The Month Sitcker Fun


    Celebrate the Saints throughout the year with the adorable Saints of the Month sticker book! This sticker book contains more than 200 stickers! Perfect for calendars, arts & crafts, school supplies- and anywhere else you’d like to decorate with the Saints!

    Each month includes a selection of Saints that celebrate their feast day that month, the monthly devotion, as well as bonus stickers!

    Warning! Choking Hazard. Not for children under 3.

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  • Good The Bad And The Beautiful


    Christ is “the way, and the truth, and the life”;, but fallen mankind, although made in Christ’s image, is not so pure. Human history–including Church history–is a tapestry woven of three threads: the good, the bad, and the beautiful. This book tells the story of Christendom over two millennia, focusing on what was good, bad, and beautiful in each century.

    These three threads run through the heart of every person, revealing the pattern of our individual lives. These very same threads bind together the collective lives of men and make up the fabric of culture and civilization. No one saw this three-dimensional form more clearly than Benedict XVI. For him, the goodness of the saints and the beauty of art are the only antidote to the dark thread of evil that runs through history. Inspired by this insight, Joseph Pearce presents the past twenty centuries to show how goodness and beauty–stemming from God himself–work to conquer the bad.

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  • Food For The Soul


    Vatican II called the Bible “the support and energy of the Church,” “the pure and everlasting source of spiritual life,” and “the food of the soul.” Yet, for many Catholics, their engagement with Scripture is often limited to what they hear at Mass. In Food for the Soul (Cycle B), the second book in a riveting three-part series, celebrated philosopher Peter Kreeft invites the faithful–clergy and laity alike–to a heart-to-heart relationship with Christ the Word through the Word of the Scriptures.

    Moving through the first reading, second reading, and Gospel reading for each Sunday and other major liturgical celebrations throughout the three-year lectionary cycle, Kreeft brings the Mass readings to life with his trademark blend of wit and wisdom, challenging readers to plant their souls in the rich soil of Scripture and sharpen their minds with the Sword of the Spirit. Whether you are a layperson looking for additional insight on the readings at Mass, or a priest or deacon looking for inspiration for a homily, Food for the Soul is a gift to the whole Church from one of today’s greatest Christian writers.

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