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Atlases Charts and Maps

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  • Indescribable Atlas Adventures


    With more than 50 infographic maps, this illustrated world atlas for kids from bestselling author Louie Giglio will stretch your children’s understanding of the world as they discover more about God, science, and His amazing world!

    Indescribable Atlas Adventures offers a self-guided tour for your favorite explorer throughout the seven continents and over 50 countries. Easy-to-read maps, more than 1,500 facts, and a world map that helps kids identify each continent and country will help your child to think globally and discover new insights into God’s incredible creation. Each map includes:

    *an overview of each country’s population, languages, and prominent features;

    *key facts about the country’s capital cities; neighboring countries; and the national bird, tree, and dish;

    *notable people and their amazing achievements;

    *the country’s terrain, climate, wildlife, contributions to space exploration, cultural hallmarks, and Christian faith traditions; and

    *biblical and inspirational pieces, like devotional thoughts, prayers, and Bible verses that highlight how amazing God and His world are.

    Indescribable Atlas Adventures is for ages 6 to 10 and spotlights several fascinating ecosystems, like the Sahara, Amazon, and Great Barrier Reef. This book has a large trim size to help kids explore fun details on each page and is a perfect “my first atlas of the world” gift for curious kids.

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  • Rose Deluxe Timelines


    This fully reproducible Rose Deluxe Timelines is packed with over 2,600 key Bible events in Bible and Christian history and features illustrations, summaries, and more! Enjoy these amazing features:

    *Side by side 32″ timeline foldouts
    *Illustrated and color coded
    *Fully reproducible
    *And more!

    Imagine having dozens of timelines on any Bible or church topic you could want-from Abraham and Isaac to the invention of the Gutenberg Press and Martin Luther King Jr.-all packed into one amazing book! See thousands of key events, people, and places at a glance in Rose’s new Deluxe Timelines book!

    Enjoy Dozens of Full-Color, Illustrated Timelines at Your Fingertips!

    Rose Deluxe Timelines is the ultimate resource for Bible and Christian history. With thousands of key dates, people, and events, each timeline is uniquely designed and features hundreds of photos and illustrations to enhance learning. These 28 timelines range from quick overviews offering the big picture of Bible and church history to large, detailed timelines that fold out up to 32 inches! Here’s a peek at what’s inside!

    20+ Bible Timelines

    *Book of Genesis: 120+ key events & people
    *Bible Characters: Individual timelines for 8 major Bible figures
    *Life of Jesus: Life & ministry of Christ in the Gospels
    *Jerusalem: 140+ events from King David to today
    *And more!

    7 Christian History Timelines

    *The Early Church: Persecution, growth, heresies, martyrs, early theologians
    *Reformation: John Wycliffe & Martin Luther to the Pilgrims & King James Bible
    *How We Got the Bible: How Scripture was copied, translated & passed down
    *Faith in America: 150+ events from the Colonial Period through the Civil War
    *And more!

    Key Features of Rose Deluxe Timelines: Bible & Christian History

    *Illustrated and full color: These visually attractive timelines provide extra depth and reference to your Bible study experience with illustrations and photographs. Don’t just read about people, places, and events-see them!

    *Easy-to-read: With bold headers, color-coding, and easy-to-see text, it’s never been easier to absorb key information at a glance.

    *Reproducible: Make up to 300 copies for your students or congregation

    *All-in-one: This timeline resource is jam packed with timelines covering all the need-to-know subjects of the Old and New Testaments, Christian history, the Epistles, Bible history, and so much more!

    Covers Every Major Time Period and Thousands of Key People & Event

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  • Great Adventure Bible Timeline Chart


    A Closer Look – Take a closer look at The Bible Timeline Chart. Our revolutionary color-coding system is outlined here to help readers through their journey of reading the Great Adventure Bible.

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  • Deluxe Then And Now Bible Maps (Expanded)


    This is the paperback version of the best-selling Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps! This book lets you see where Bible places are today. Full-color Bible maps are alongside locations of modern-day cities and countries.

    Connect the Middle East of the news with the Holy Land in Scripture. Includes maps for favorite Bible stories, like Abraham’s journey to the promised land, the exodus out of Egypt, the story of Ruth, David’s rise from shepherd to king, and Paul’s missionary journeys.

    32 maps, including:

    *Journeys of Abraham, Jacob, Joseph
    *The Exodus
    *The 12 Tribes of Israel
    *Kingdoms of Saul, David, Solomon
    *Holy Land in the Time of Jesus
    *Journeys of Paul, Peter, Philip
    *Early Christianity

    Charts, timelines, and illustrations, including:

    *Old and New Testament Timelines
    *Tabernacle and Temple
    *Exodus Timeline
    *Ark of the Covenant
    *Where Jesus Walked
    *The 12 Disciples
    *City of Jerusalem
    *Jesus’ Journey to the Cross
    *Seven Churches of Revelation

    An excellent way to make your Sunday school, homeschool, and Bible studies more interesting. This book uses larger, easier-to-read type than most Bible atlases.

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  • Armor Of God Catholic Wall Chart Laminated


    This large classroom-size Armor of God Bible Chart illustrates the well-known passage from Ephesians 6:10-18. It is perfect for Armor of God Bible Studies, for Sunday school lessons, for offices, foyers, and bedrooms. This chart features historically accurate Roman armor. Measures 19.5″ x 26″.

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  • Beatitudes Wall Chart Laminated Catholic


    In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus told his followers to value humility, righteousness, and purity. This beautiful chart will brighten your room and encourage anyone to have God’s attitudes instead of the world’s attitudes. Four reproducible worksheets and handouts on the back. Measures 19.5″ x 26″.

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  • Books Of The Bible Wall Chart Laminated Catholic


    This high quality laminated Books of the Bible Wall Chart has large print and bright color-coded columns to show the 73 Books of the Bible from the Revised Standard Version Bible, along with the divisions and categories in the Bible: Books of the Law, History, Major and Minor prophets, Gospels and Acts, Pauline Epistles and General Epistles. Suitable for all ages. Measures 19.5″ x 26″.

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  • Rose Book Of Bible Charts Maps And Time Lines


    New! All Your Favorite Rose Charts in One Book!
    Now you can have 180 pages of full-color Bible charts, maps, and time lines in one spiral bound book. The full-color Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps, and Time Lines contains–

    General Bible Charts
    * 100 Well-Known People in the Bible
    * 100 Well-Known Prayers in the Bible
    * Table of Biblical Weights and Measures
    * Books of the Bible
    * Bible Overview–Old Testament
    * Bible Overview–New Testament
    * How We Got the Bible
    * Christian History Time Line

    Old Testament Charts
    * The Creation
    * 100 Well-Known Old Testament Events
    * Family Tree of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
    * Names of God
    * Jesus & The Names of God
    * The Ten Commandments and You
    * Feasts & Holidays of the Bible
    * The Cycle Pattern in Judges
    * Kings and Prophets
    * Kings
    * Prophets
    * The Statue in the Book of Daniel
    * Archaeology & the Bible–Old Testament

    New Testament Charts
    * The Genealogy of Jesus Christ
    * 100 Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus
    * Events in the Life of Jesus
    * Miracles of Jesus
    * Parables of Jesus
    * The Beatitudes
    * The Twelve Disciples
    * Evidence for the Resurrection
    * Biblical Descriptions of Heaven & Hell
    * 100 Well-Known Events from Acts to Revelation
    * 1 Corinthians 13
    * The Armor of God
    * The Fruit of the Spirit
    * Acts of the Sinful Nature
    * Seven Churches of Revelation
    * Four Views of the End-Times
    * Archaeology & the Bible–New Testament

    * Middle East: The (BC) and Now
    * Middle East: Expansion by Assyrian Rulers
    * Middle East: Babylonian and Persian Empires
    * Middle East: Fascination Facts and Figures
    * Middle East and Central Asia
    * The Holy Land: Then and Now
    * The Holy Land: The Exodus
    * Exodus Time Line
    * The Holy Land: United Kingdom
    * The Holy Land: Divided Kingdom
    * Where Jesus Walked: Then and Now
    * Paul’s Journey’s: Then and Now
    * Paul’s First Journey
    * Paul’s Second and Third Journeys
    * Paul’s Journeys and Guide

    Illustrations and Diagrams
    * Noah’s Ark
    * The Tabernacle
    * The Ark of the Covenant
    * Solomon’s Temple
    * Herod’s Temple
    * Palm Sunday to Easter

    Christianity, Cults & Religions
    * The Trinity
    * Denominations Comparison
    * Christianity, Cults & Religions
    * Islam & Christianity


    If you bought all of these charts and pamphlets separately, you would pay more than $250. Plus you can reproduce up to 300 copies of any chart free of charge (use in one church, not for sale

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  • Holy Land Relief Map Then And Now Wall Chart Laminated


    By popular demand! “Then and Now” Bible Maps(R) are available with detailed relief maps including mountains, valleys, rivers, and deserts. See where Bible places are today. Red print shows the major cities and boundaries of modern countries. Laminated for durability. Write on, wipe off with water soluble markers. Size: 19.5″ x 26″, heavy chart paper.

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  • Rose Book Of Bible Charts Volume 3


    Ideal for Sunday school teachers, college and seminary professors, pastors, and homeschoolers, the full-color resources in this easy-to-use anthology include more than 200 reproducible charts, photographs, maps, and handouts, many of which are new to this edition. Topics include spiritual gifts; the lives of Esther and David; the parables of Jesus; the attributes of God; and more.

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  • Rose Then And Now Bible Map Atlas


    Rose Atlas of Then and Now Bible Maps with Biblical Backgrounds and Culture
    by Paul H. Wright, president of Jerusalem University College (Institute of Holy Land Studies)

    The Best “Then and Now” Bible Atlas Ever – It has Features No Other Has!
    *120 stunning detailed Bible maps
    *Clear plastic overlays of modern cities and countries so you know where Bible places are today.
    *Incredible insights into the lives of 30 important Bible characters. This atlas focuses on people – not regions — and how the geography affected their lives and decisions.

    For example:
    *Know how David’s clever understanding of geography and politics led to his marriage with Ahinoam of Jezreel.
    *Discover why Naomi, in the Book of Ruth, couldn’t just move back to Bethlehem after her husband’s death and use his land again.
    *Find out why Moses and the Children of Israel took the long southern trek from Egypt to the
    Promised Land, rather than the direct route.
    This atlas gives you incredible insights into your favorite Bible stories. See the Table of Contents at the bottom.

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  • Beatitudes Wall Chart Laminated


    In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus told his followers to value humility, righteousness, and purity. This beautiful chart will brighten your room and encourage anyone to have God’s attitudes instead of the world’s attitudes. Four reproducible worksheets and handouts on the back.

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  • Tabernacle At Mt Sinai Wall Chart


    SKU (ISBN): 9781596363731ISBN10: 1596363738Binding: OtherPublished: October 2009Publisher: Rose Publishing

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  • Rose Book Of Bible Charts 2


    The Rose Book of Bible Charts Volume 2 contains 256 pages of popular Rose Bible charts in one reproducible book! Full color, great for personal study, Bible studies, small groups, and classes.

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  • 10 Commandments NIV Wall Chart Laminated Text Only


    The Ten Commandments (New International Version) Includes the “promise” about honoring parents that goes with the fifth commandment. Uses both traditional and contemporary wording.

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  • Then And Now Bible Maps


    Trying to connect the “Middle East” of the six o’clock news with the Holy Land of the Bible? Here’s a resource that fills in the blanks! Transparent maps of modern-day Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries lie flat over Bible maps showing the lands and cities where the patriarchs, Jesus, and the apostle Paul traveled. Tremendously helpful!

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  • 12 Disciples Wall Chart


    SKU (ISBN): 9781890947910ISBN10: 1890947911Binding: OtherPublished: January 2004Publisher: Rose Publishing

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  • Denominations Comparison Wall Chart


    SKU (ISBN): 9781890947330ISBN10: 1890947334Binding: OtherPublished: May 2003Publisher: Rose Publishing

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  • Names Of God Wall Chart


    SKU (ISBN): 9781890947422ISBN10: 1890947423Binding: OtherPublished: March 2003Publisher: Rose Publishing

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  • Temple Wall Chart Laminated


    Know the Temple Jesus Knew!
    This is the beautiful Temple where Jesus amazed the scholars as a child, where he threw out the money changers, where he praised the widow who gave all she had, and where the veil ripped from top to bottom. Perfect for teaching about the life of Jesus and Easter. See the Temple, the Court of the Gentiles, the Court of the Women, and the Portico. Four reproducible worksheets feature cut-away and birds-eye illustrations of Solomon’s Temple, Herod’s Temple, and the Tabernacle. Available laminated or unlaminated

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  • Genealogy Of Jesus Christ Wall Chart


    SKU (ISBN): 9789901983230ISBN10: 9901983231Binding: OtherPublished: July 2000Publisher: Rose Publishing

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  • Apostles Creed Wall Chart


    SKU (ISBN): 9789901983094UPC: 646723001407Binding: OtherPublisher: Rose Publishing

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  • Who I Am In Christ Wall Chart


    SKU (ISBN): 9781596363984ISBN10: 1596363983Binding: OtherPublisher: Rose Publishing

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  • Books Of The Bible Wall Chart


    SKU (ISBN): 9789901980352UPC: 646723000486Binding: OtherPublisher: Rose Publishing

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  • Lords Prayer Trespasses Wall Chart Laminated


    The Lord’s Prayer teaches the importance of praying for God’s will, for relying on him for our daily needs, for asking for forgiveness, and for help in times of temptation. Reproducible worksheets on the back include a coloring page of the prayer, and a prayer journal to encourage children and adults to pray and keep track of God’s answers. Another worksheet uses the Lord’s Prayer as a model for students to use to write their own prayers. Know the the four key parts of the Lord’s Prayer.

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  • Apostles Creed Catholic Version Wall Chart Laminated


    The Apostles’ Creed was written by early church leaders as a brief summary of what the Bible teaches about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, sin and forgiveness, and our eternal future. In today’s society, adults and children need to know what they believe. Measures 19″ x 26″.
    Topics include: ascension, apostles creed, basic church doctrine, Christian beliefs, Christian doctrine, church creeds, church teaching, doctrine, deity of Christ, early church, fundamentals, fundamental beliefs, and resurrection.

    Reproducible worksheets and teaching tips on back of this chart. Lamination will not affect the ability to photocopy worksheets.

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  • 10 Commandments Wall Chart Laminated Catholic


    The Ten Commandments set the Old Testament foundation for our relationship with God and others that continues to our modern day. Three reproducable worksheets on the back help teachers connect God’s top ten with students with 10 ways to teach the commandments, 10 modern examples of each commandment, and the Ten Commandments with the Great Commandment. This Catholic version of the Ten Commandments Laminated Wall Chart measures 19.5″ x 26″.

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  • Tabernacle Wall Chart


    SKU (ISBN): 9789901980857UPC: 646723000226Illustrator: Stan SteinBinding: OtherPublisher: Rose Publishing

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  • Pauls Journeys Then And Now Wall Chart


    SKU (ISBN): 9789901980840ISBN10: 9901980844Binding: OtherThen And Now Bible MapsPublisher: Rose Publishing

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