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New Christian Advice

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  • Im A Christian Now What


    Where to begin when you’ve begun with Christ

    If you are a new Christian, you are on a new path. But where are you going and how do you get there? As an adult convert, Aaron Armstrong had to face these questions himself. In I’m a Christian–Now What? A Guide to Your New Life With Christ, Aaron helps you take those important first steps, including:

    *How to read the Bible and pray
    *How to think about your favorite TV show
    *How to find the right church
    *How to disagree with other Christians
    *How to rethink sex and marriage

    You probably have a lot of questions. You might not even know which questions to ask. This practical and friendly book helps make sense of your new life with Jesus. It ends with suggestions for how you can take the next step by helping other new Christians.

    I’m a Christian–Now What? is a perfect handbook for new believers and those who want to disciple them.

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  • Beginning With Christ


    Beginning With Christ, designed for new believers, provides the format for telling others about salvation and the Christian life. Topics include assurance of salvation, answered prayer, victory over sin, forgiveness, and guidance. Includes Scripture memory cards.

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  • I Have What The Bible Says I Have


    Following on the heels of “I Am What the Bible Says I Am”, this new book from Jake and Keith Provance is written to help new believers, and those who have been God’s kids for a while, see the gifts and promises in God’s Word and seeks to empower them to live the life God destined them to live.

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  • Scripture Confessions For New Believers


    Salvation is received by what new believers say and believe and that same principle is true for all the promises of God. Now pastors and small groups have a resource just for new believers filled with God’s promises to declare for their life. As new believers begin to say these Scripture confessions over their life, they put themselves in agreement with what God has promised. Those words go to work and bring God’s abundant blessings of peace, joy, favor, wisdom, and more!

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  • Growing In Christ Series (Student/Study Guide)


    Growing in Christ is designed to help you master the fundamentals of the Christian life as you explore the Scriptures. Growing in Christ has two parts:

    Lessons on Assurance– Basic Bible studies on five beginning principles for following Christ, plus five corresponding Scripture memory verses entitled Beginning with Christ.

    Lessons on Christian Living– Bible studies on eight more principles for Christian growth, plus eight Scripture memory verses entitled Going On with Christ.

    For use in groups or individually, Growing in Christ can help you establish a firm, scriptural foundation for your life as you develop habits of Bible study and Scripture memory.

    You will study these topics:
    Assurance of salvation -Answered prayer -Victory over sin -Forgiveness -Guidance -Putting Christ first in your life -Relying on the Lord’s strength -The importance of the Bible -Giving -The church -Good works -Witnessing

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  • Water Wind And Fire


    Practical Answers to Eternal Questions

    This powerful little book by Mac Hammond offers insight into familiar but often misunderstood terms such as “born again” and “baptism in the Holy Spirit.”

    In “Water, Wind, & Fire” you’ll find clear, biblical explanations of what it means to be “saved,” the miraculous nature of the “new birth,” and keys to living the Christian life abundantly and successfully. You’ll also discover answers to important questions like:

    – What are the three steps to being born again?
    – How is the Holy Spirit received?
    – What is “speaking in tongues” and what is its purpose?

    If you or someone you love is seeking answers to life’s most important questions, this book will clear up any questions you may have.

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