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  • Experiencing Friendship With God


    Build a confident friendship with Jesus that will carry you through the seasons of wilderness and back to abundance, with ancient wisdom alongside modern guidance from pastor and speaker Faith Eury Cho.

    When prayers aren’t answered and the season of waiting extends too long, how do you feel God’s presence? We have all wrestled with the mysteries of living for a holy God while wandering through the wilderness of the soul.

    How do you move forward during these seasons? How do you deepen your faith? Along with the ancient wisdom of seventeenth-century Brother Lawrence’s classic and beloved The Practice of the Presence of God, Faith Eury Cho helps you understand:

    *How to be fueled by an authentic relationship with God

    *How to wrestle with the tension of believing He is with you even when you cannot feel Him or understand what He is doing

    *How God is enough through revisiting Israel’s journey in the wilderness and Paul’s experience in prison

    *What tools you can use to deepen your intimacy with God

    *What a life that is centered around His Presence looks like

    Cho equips and heightens your confidence to simply go to Jesus and build a genuine friendship. By fostering this relationship with Jesus, you won’t have to wonder about feeling God’s presence. It is a life-changing pursuit because we were designed to know Him. If knowing God is your purpose, then every season of our lives will have significance-even the wilderness.

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