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Eric Sammons

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  • Who Do You Say I Am


    Christ’s contemporaries ascribed to Him many names and titles, and each represents a ray of light that brings us to a clearer understanding of our Savior. He was called Nazarene, Shepherd, Physician, Son of God, Christ, Lord, and Rabbi. All told, Jesus was given twenty-four names in St. Matthew’s Gospel – and each holds a key to unlocking the mysteries of Christ’s life. If you’re looking for a completely new access point for coming to know and love Jesus, this book is for you.

    In pondering the Gospel of Matthew, Eric Sammons rediscovers the beauty and wonders of Scripture and helps you grow in intimacy with your Redeemer. Through the lens of the saints, the prophets who prefigured Christ, and Church teachings, Sammons examines the twenty-four names to help you see the composite Christ in an entirely new way. In chapter after chapter, you will learn how Christ’s titles provide valuable lessons for you in daily living, including:

    *Carpenter’s Son: How Christ’s humanity unveils the extraordinary in mankind
    *Rabbi: What this title teaches about temptation and the means to conquer it
    *Ghost: How Jesus is the healing balm for anxieties that paralyze you
    *Shepherd: The two essential ways to preserve Church unity
    *Emmanuel: Three ways to know God and imitate His Love – especially in the Holy Eucharist
    *Son of Abraham: Incarnational faith – how God comes to us so that we may rise with Him

    Perfect for Lectio Divina, each chapter helps you meditate on Christ’s many titles through the perspective of His life and times, their theological and moral significance, and their impact on your life today.

    Above all, you will learn the authentic path to holiness and the secret to loving the Divine Bridegroom as He desires to be loved.

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  • Holiness For Everyone


    In this spiritual powerhouse of a book, Eric Sammons organizes the wisdom of St. Josemaria Escriva into an action plan for living out holiness in your everyday life. The goal: to foster God’s grace within you so that you can be transformed into the likeness of His Son, Jesus Christ.

    Declared “the saint of ordinary life” by Pope John Paul II, St. Josemaria Escriva — a twentieth-century Spanish saint and founder of Opus Dei — did more than anyone to convey that holiness isn’t reserved for those in religious life but is a universal call for all of us, whatever our vocation. St. Josemaria’s riches-to-rags story is an inspiration for anyone who seeks to answer Jesus’ call to “be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”

    In these pages, you’ll discover details about his mystical experiences as well as the nitty-gritty of his daily living. What’s more, you’ll find out how to implement a plan based on his everyday spirituality. Specifically, you will learn:

    *How to be a contemplative in a noisy world
    *How to offer your work to God and make the secular sacred
    *How to be a faithful apostle, not an activist
    *How to use suffering to draw closer to Christ
    *How to incorporate spiritual disciplines into your prayer life
    *How to identify and overcome your chief vices and replace them with virtues

    In page after page, Eric Sammons unpacks St. Josemaria’s spirituality and offers you practical reflections and suggestions for meditation, oral prayer, and contemplation. With this book as your guide, you’ll soon make a habit of powerful spiritual exercises that will assist you in advancing in holiness and keeping Christ at “the pinnacle of all activities.”

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  • Jesse Tree : An Advent Devotional


    This Advent, lead your family closer to Christ as you prepare for the Lord’s coming at Christmas. Engage with the Old Testament patriarchs and prophets who are the branches in Jesus’ family tree and come to understand fully how, in Christ, this family history becomes the history of our salvation.

    As you explore Jesus’ fascinating ancestry, you’ll see how God’s plan of salvation unfolds from Adam and Eve, through the Old Testament prophets, to the birth of Christ, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and the sacraments of the Church. Marvel at the parallels between Adam and Christ, the New Adam; Eve and Mary, the New Eve; the patriarch Joseph and St. Joseph, guardian of the Redeemer; and others.

    You will also learn about the rich, faith-building customs surrounding the Jesse Tree throughout the centuries — and how to create your own. The image of a beautiful ornament signifying an important person or event in the Bible is provided for each day. The daily meditation explains the mystery of the ornament that is featured. And extra information is included for families with older children who want to “dig deeper” into the significance of what is foretold.

    The devotion in practice takes five to fifteen minutes per day, depending on family needs and style. Each day features the following:

    *Full-color ornament with a distinguishing symbol
    *Biblical passage or story illustrating the theme
    *Brief, engaging meditation with questions for discussion
    *Traditional prayer to enrich the devotion
    *”Dig Deeper” section for real-life application

    Grow in the wisdom of Solomon! Learn to hear God’s voice like Samuel! Develop the trust of Elijah and the humility of Isaiah! Families will be enthralled as they learn about key biblical figures and discover the reasons for our beliefs, from why God created us to the origins of the Mass and the sacraments.

    A key tool for instilling the virtues and strengthening your family’s faith, hope, and love, this Jesse Tree tradition will be passed on in your family for generations to come.

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  • Deadly Indifference : How The Church Lost Her Mission, And How We Can Recla


    In captivating detail, Sammons explores why the New Evangelization was destined to fail and explains how the decision to de-emphasize the Church’s exclusive role in the process of salvation inevitably led to mass abandonment of the sacraments. He identifies how certain teachings were ignored or toned down–leading to their sudden collapse–and how progressives elevated ecumenism over evangelization and supplanted proclamation of the Gospel with “dialogue.”

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