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David Helm

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  • Daniel : Staying Strong In A Hostile World (Student/Study Guide)


    How can we remain faithful to our God in a world that rejects him?
    Is it even worth standing firm, when his kingdom often seems so very far away?
    And is it possible to be a blessing to our nations, and show the power and goodness of God, in our day?

    Those are pressing questions for us in a time when living as a Christian increasingly means being misunderstood, maligned and even mistreated. And since this is the context in which Daniel found himself, the book that bears his name will reassure, challenge and thrill us as we read it today.

    In these seven studies you will see Daniel and his friends seek to remain faithful in a foreign land; and then you will watch and listen in on a series of visions Daniel received, outlining how God would bring his people home, to live in his kingdom and under his king.
    Let the book of Daniel show you what you can expect from this life, and how you can and must stay strong in a hostile world.

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  • Daniel For You (Student/Study Guide)


    Series Preface
    Section One: At Home In Babylon (chapters 1-14)
    Section Two: Getting Home From Babylon (chapters 15-26)

    Additional Info
    We live in difficult times to be people who obey God and worship him alone. How can we be confident under pressure and faithful in the fire?

    In this readable, accessible, exciting volume walking through one of the best-loved books of the Bible, David Helm shows how Daniel and his friends learned how to live in Babylon, far from their home in God’s land-and how we can do the same.


    * Can be read as a book; used as a devotional; and utilized for leading in teaching and preaching
    * Closely examines the text of a Bible book in an accessible, engaging and applied way
    * Seventh in the best-selling God’s Word For You series

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