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Dale Black

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  • Visiting Heaven : Heavenly Keys To A Life Without Limitations



    Driven by ambition, Dale Black’s entire life was fixated on personal success… until the day when everything changed. As the only survivor of a horrific plane crash, he encountered the spectacular glories of Heaven. After regaining consciousness, Dale made a supernatural physical recovery, and against all odds went on to become a jet pilot, aviation safety specialist and award-winning airline pilot instructor.

    Today, he inspires people worldwide by sharing about the glories of Heaven and the love of God which he encountered during his life-changing visit to Heaven.

    “Those who truly love God will love Heaven. Heaven is not meant to be an amusement park destination, but a purposeful lifestyle that is designed to bless and benefit all who reside there. In Heaven you fulfill your predestined purpose while being empowered by the Light and Life and Love of God which exudes from the Throne.”

    Dale’s incredible story will stir a passion for eternity now as you…

    *Gain clarity about how life continues on after death
    *Understand God’s awesome plan for your life
    *Discover how valuable your life really is
    *Gain greater purpose and clarity today, in light of eternity
    *Learn why the glories of Heaven help prepare you for the future

    Strap in for the ride of your life as Dale Black shares his journey to Heaven. It changed him forever, and it’s sure to change you!

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