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Crystal Paine

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  • Time Saving Mom


    Time is short. Here’s how to invest it in what matters most.

    As a busy mom, pulled in many directions, you’ve felt it: There’s too much to do, and not enough time to do it.

    It seems like the only solution is to hustle harder. But there’s a far better way to manage your time so that you can simplify and enjoy your life.

    Crystal Paine–mom of six, bestselling author, and entrepreneur–delivers a real-world, no-nonsense guide to keeping you sane and doing the things you love most.

    In The Time-Saving Mom, Crystal takes you inside her days to help you:

    * Adopt an easy-to-implement four-step system to organize and simplify your life

    * Create morning and evening routines that set you up for success

    * Learn time-saving hacks to help you find time for pursuing your personal passions, friendships, exercise, and better sleep

    * Carve out sacred time for God and your family

    You don’t have to be a productivity queen to maximize your time. Instead, you can be a time-saving mom, investing in what matters most.

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