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  • Guided Prayer Journal For Teen Girls


    Connect with your loving & listening God!

    Does prayer ever feel challenging or confusing? Author Missie Branch wants teen girls like you to see prayer as a gift, a powerful tool connecting you to a loving and listening God. With several ways to grow a rich practice of prayer, this guided journal offers:

    *100 short devotional thoughts with Scriptures
    *Engaging prayer prompts
    *Space for journaling and prayer lists

    As you read, pray, and write, you’ll realize that God cares about all the details of your life–from the giddy moments of excitement to the darker moments of fear and regret. God is prepping young women like you for the next season of your lives, and prayer is one of the tools He’ll use. Let the Guided Prayer Journal show you that God is listening.

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  • Praying Like The Early Church


    There are many misconceptions about prayer, ranging from what it is to how and why we pray. Dr. James Papandrea breaks open the wisdom of early Christians to transform and enrich your spiritual life and help you develop a daily rhythm for fruitful conversation with God. Here is the spiritual game plan you need to assist you in opening your heart to the Father’s invitation, receiving His love, living virtuously in practical ways, and entering into deeper communion with Him.

    Through the lives of early Church Fathers and Mothers, Dr. Papandrea emphasizes the centrality of the Mass and the Real Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist in our lives of prayer, providing methods to help you benefit more at Mass and in daily life, and ways to grow in gratitude and devotion. You will learn how the sacraments were practiced in the early Church and their power in flooding us with God’s graces today. Additionally, you will see why communal worship is vital and the role of pilgrimage in Christian life.

    In these life-changing pages, you will find:

    * Why the Eucharist was the most important prayer from the Church’s inception
    * How Our Lady shows us what prayer really is and ways we can imitate her
    * Three meta-virtues in prayer and five characteristics of righteousness
    * How to pray without ceasing and develop “prayer attitudes”
    * Three tips on surrendering yourself to God’s will
    * Three things that block God’s grace (Brace yourself!)

    Dr. Papandrea also reveals the biblical roots of making the Sign of the Cross and what the early Christians taught about the layers of meaning in the Our Father. Moreover, he documents what early Christians believed regarding reading the Bible, praying for the dead, the role of the saints, repetition in prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

    Included at the end of each chapter are sections on how to pray like an early Christian and resources on how “to go deeper.” An invaluable prayer plan, prayers from early Christians, and other helpful resources are also featured.

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  • My Prayer Journal Lord I Need You


    Beautiful Are the Prayers of a Hopeful Heart

    “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
    Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

    Do you want to grow deeper in your faith? Do you desire an intimate connection to your heavenly Father’s heart? . . . This lovely journal features dozens of practical and encouraging prayers inspired by Jeremiah 29:11 will help you strengthen your heart-connection to the Master Creator. With each turn of the page, you’ll develop a deeper understanding and love for the One who holds the whole world in His hands.

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  • Youre Praying For The Wrong Thing


    The Bible tells us to pray continually and without ceasing, but what happens when we’re waiting for God but discover He’s waiting for us? In his first book, pastor and recording artist Travis Greene guides the reader to apply Biblical truths for a fulfilled life.

    Praying and waiting for God to answer can be confusing. When something–or everything–feels stuck because God doesn’t seem to be answering our prayers, what next? Pastor and Grammy-nominated recording artist Travis Greene issues a challenge and asks us to examine our prayers–Are we praying for the right thing? Are we planning and preparing for what we’ve asked for? Are we praying for our will to grow closer to His? Or do we sometimes treat him like a genie in a bottle? Using Biblical examples, Travis invites readers to reconsider our prayers and:

    *navigate beyond feeling trapped to thriving in God’s purposes;
    *learn to use what’s left instead of focusing on what was lost;
    *be willing to forgive, wait, and work as God allows; and
    *believe in God’s miracles while being a faithful steward of what He has already provided.

    Sometimes what happens next depends on the choices made right now. And sometimes God has something else in mind for us–something we might never have imagined, or in a way we might not have imagined it! It’s possible to press forward into a life filled with joy and expectation for the future! Like the widow who used the oil she had at hand, by using what God has already supplied, Travis encourages the readers that they may be closer to enjoying God’s promises than they realize. Management can be a magnet for miracles.

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  • 101 Devotions On Powerful Prayer For Men


    You know that prayer is important. . .this book provides the biblical insights you need, plus the encouragement to really, truly pray .

    God wants to hear from His children. At any time, in any circumstance, you have the privilege of talking with the almighty Creator of the universe. And according to Jesus, the standard for prayer is that His Father will hear and answer: “Ask, and it shall be given to you. Seek, and you shall find. Knock, and it shall be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it shall be opened” (Matthew 7:7-8).

    Perhaps that has not been your experience with prayer. Or maybe you’ve enjoyed success in prayer but would like to be even more effective. Whatever the case, the Bible offers many insights, and this book distills them into 101 principles such as:

    *Prayer Can Be Learned
    *Prayer Gets God’s Attention
    *Prayer Blesses Others
    *Prayer Is the Answer to What You’re Seeking

    If you make prayer a priority–by studying its biblical basis and then putting those truths into practice–you’ll find yourself in a deeper, more intimate relationship with God.
    Isn’t that what life is all about?

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  • 101 Devotions On Powerful Prayer For Women


    You know that prayer is important. . .this book provides the biblical insights you need, plus the encouragement to really, truly pray.

    God wants to hear from His children. At any time, in any circumstance, you have the privilege of talking with the almighty Creator of the universe. And according to Jesus, the “default setting” of prayer is that His Father will hear and answer: “Ask, and it shall be given to you. Seek, and you shall find. Knock, and it shall be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it shall be opened” (Matthew 7:7-8).

    Perhaps that has not been your experience with prayer. Or maybe you’ve enjoyed success in prayer, but would like to be even more effective. Whatever the case, the Bible offers many insights, and this book distills them into 101 principles such as:

    *Prayer Can Be Learned
    *Prayer Gets God’s Attention
    *Prayer Blesses Others
    *Prayer Is the Answer to What You’re Seeking

    If you make prayer a priority–by studying its biblical basis and then putting those truths into practice–you’ll find yourself in a deeper, more intimate relationship with God.
    Isn’t that what life is all about?

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  • Raise A Hallelujah Prayer And Praise Journal


    Dozens of Devotions for Your Beautiful Heart. . .

    This lovely devotional journal, inspired by Psalm 35:27-28 (“. . .I’ll tell the world how great and good you are, I’ll shout Hallelujah all day, every day”) features nearly 200 praise-themed devotions for your beautiful heart. Created to encourage you to “raise a hallelujah” no matter what you’re experiencing in life, each devotional reading is complemented by an inspiring scripture selection, prayer starter, and journaling space.

    Touching on topics important to you, like Perseverance, Comfort, Prayer, God’s Love, Faith, Wisdom, and more. . .with each turn of the page, you will find your soul enveloped in the undeniable love of your heavenly Creator.

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  • Prayer Map For Teen Girls


    THE ORIGINA L Prayer Map!

    What Does Prayer Look Like? . . .

    Find out in The Prayer Map for Teen Girls.

    This unique prayer journal is an engaging and creative way for the teen girls in your life to understand the importance and experience the power of prayer. Each page features a fun 2-color design that guides girls to write out thoughts, ideas, and lists. . .creating a specific “map” for them to follow as they talk to God. Each map includes a spot to record the date, so teens can look back on their prayers and see how God has worked in their lives. The Prayer Map for Teen Girls will not only encourage them to spend time talking with God about the things that matter most. . .it will also help them build a healthy spiritual habit of continual prayer that will carry over into adulthood.

    This creative journal, perfect for personal quiet time or small groups, features:

    *A user-friendly spiral binding–lays flat!
    *Delightfully designed two-color interior–appeals to teen girls
    *Space to record the date on each Prayer Map
    *Prompted sections guide the creation of each Prayer Map–from start to finish
    *Carefully selected scripture on every spread

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  • 5 Things To Pray For A Suffering Friend


    It can sometimes be hard to know how best to help friends, family or fellow church members who are struggling through pain and suffering. But one guaranteed way to love them well is to commit to pray for them regularly. Whether someone you know is dealing with grief, illness, emotional distress, mental-health issues or difficult circumstances, this guide will help you to pray for them with compassion and purpose.

    Each of the 21 prayer themes in this book takes a passage of Scripture and suggests five things to pray for your struggling friend–relevant for whatever their troubles may be. You can use this book in any number of ways: work through it as part of your daily quiet time or pick it up whenever you want to pray for your friend.

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  • 90 Days Of Power Prayer


    In the hectic pace of day-to-day life, prayer can easily be forgotten and neglected. But Pastor Kynan Bridges is convinced that once believers recognize the power of daily prayer, they will never hesitate to come before Goda(TM)s throne. In this 90-day devotional, he walks through the purpose, the biblical basis, and the uplifting content of ninety different prayers, including:

    *Prayer for protection
    *Prayer for deliverance
    *Prayer for forgiveness
    *Prayer for overcoming fear
    *Prayer for marriage and relationships
    *Prayer for seeing the unseen
    *Prayer for transformation
    *Prayer for overcoming stress

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  • God Calls You Chosen Girl


    In a culture that fills your head and heart with lies about your value in the world. . .there is One who calls you chosen.

    And He can be trusted. His Word is truth.

    This delightful devotional–created just for you–will encourage and inspire your young soul with deeply rooted truths from God’s Word. Each devotional reading and heartfelt prayer will assure you that you are truly chosen–because God says so. . .and His Word is unchanging! Each of the 180 readings in God Calls You Chosen, Girl will help you to grow in your faith and increase your self-confidence as you become the strong and courageous young woman the heavenly Creator intended you to be!

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  • 100 Bible Prayers For Men


    The Bible is packed with prayers,
    and they all offer guidance to us today. . .

    *Nehemiah’s quick prayer while talking with the king
    *Daniel’s confession of his nation’s sins
    *Abraham’s servant’s prayer for success in his duties
    *Peter’s “Save me!” as he plunged into the Sea of Galilee
    *Jesus’ model prayer spoken in response to the disciples’ request, “Teach us to pray”

    100 Bible Prayers for Men highlights powerful prayers from scripture, making them the basis of practical and encouraging devotions. You’ll learn the meaning and purpose of each prayer along with ways to apply it to your own life.

    Communicating with God is vital to healthy spiritual living–find the insights you need in 100 Bible Prayers for Men.

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  • Prayer That Ignites Revival


    The Secret to Every Spiritual Awakening in History

    Today’s standard for morality is whatever is right in your own eyes. The world is experiencing moral decline, cultural shifts away from God, and hostility toward the things of God.

    Through engaging stories and dynamic teaching, evangelist and prayer leader Joe Oden reveals that passionate prayers and humble hearts from believers willing to partner with the Holy Spirit are what usher in great revival. In these pages you will learn how to:

    * develop a lifestyle of consistent, powerful prayer
    * implement biblical and historical principles of revival
    * cultivate personal habits that birth spiritual awakening
    * release God’s power to shift the atmosphere and shake the nations

    Today is your day to kneel humbly, rise bravely, and move boldly to see sweeping cultural revolution, signs and wonders, deliverance–and the salvation of millions of souls that causes even skeptics to be in awe of God.

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  • Honest Prayers For Mama Bears


    Encouragement to Pray What You Really Feel

    In the everyday battle of raising kids who love Jesus while living in a world that doesn’t, God invites you to come to Him. No cleaning up, no pretenses, no fancy words–all you need is to tell Him what’s truly on your heart and then ask for the wisdom, encouragement, and protection that only He can provide.

    From the bestselling team behind Mama Bear Apologetics(R) comes a one-of-a-kind book of prayers gathered from mamas just like you, speaking to the spectrum of seasons, concerns, and needs faced throughout Christian motherhood. You will become more vulnerable and intentional in your conversations with God as you pray in specific and timely ways for your family, your community, and even for yourself.

    Honest Prayers for Mama Bears puts words to the cries of your heart as you seek clarity and truth in today’s confused culture. Through these praises, confessions, thanksgivings, and petitions, you’ll lay your burdens at your heavenly Father’s feet and experience His comfort and hope as you entrust Him with your unedited thoughts.

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  • Devotions And Prayers For Warrior Women


    Are YOU a warrior woman? . . .

    *A warrior woman is strong and secure in who she is–BECAUSE SHE WAS CREATED (AND IS LOVED) BY HER HEAVENLY FATHER.

    *A warrior woman has an unbreakable faith–BECAUSE SHE FULLY TRUSTS IN GOD.

    *A warrior woman praises God with a grateful heart–BECAUSE SHE KNOWS HE PROVIDES.


    *A warrior woman doesn’t give up–SHE PERSISTS AND RELIES ON GOD’S STRENGTH.

    *A warrior woman has hope for the future–BECAUSE SHE KNOWS GOD IS IN CONTROL.

    Tap into your beautiful inner warrior with these 200 challenging, courage-building devotions.

    With every turn of the page, you’ll encounter a strength and confidence that are only possible through an intimate relationship with the heavenly Father.Each relatable reading touches on important-to-you topics like security, peace, trust, confidence, persistence, hope, strength, faith, and more.

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  • Nearing A Far God


    Experience Transformation When You Pray the Psalms with Your Whole Self

    Feeling hopeless? Lonely? Anxious? Do you want to experience the presence and love of God through every joy and struggle of life? Do you long to enrich your prayer life and grow your relationship with God? The Psalms will guide you into fresh encounters and a lasting deeper attachment to God.

    You may have read or studied the Psalms. In Nearing a Far God: Praying the Psalms with Our Whole Selves, you’ll experience the Psalms in fresh, personal, and life-changing ways:

    *Discover how the Psalms can draw you into dialogue with God no matter your pain, struggle, or doubt

    *Practice transformative writing and prayer exercises that engage and impact the whole brain and the whole self

    *Reclaim ancient practices of movement and bodily postures to heighten your worship and deepen attachment to God

    Masterful teacher and award-winning author Leslie Leyland Fields has helped thousands of God-seekers around the world experience spiritual breakthroughs by expressing their life stories through the lens of Scripture. Whether you read and practice Nearing a Far God on your own, with a local group, or with a cohort organized by Fields, you too can experience profound change, hope, and the always near presence of a loving God.

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  • Prayer Journal For Moms


    A devotional journal to encourage moms and help them regularly pray for their children.

    Motherhood is a vocation that goes without applause or acclaim, and learning to have confidence in one’s abilities as a mother is a skill that takes many years. Feedback is more often in the form of tantrums than praise, and a child’s personal growth?is rife with ups and downs. This journal is designed to encourage mothers through the daily challenges they face, with devotions that root them in the ever-giving love of God and remind them where their strength lies. It’s filled with prompts that make it easier to faithfully pray for their children each day, and it inspires them to continue taking that step, providing perspective on how effective those prayers can be.

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  • Say A Joyful Prayer When You Wake Up


    The Best Days Start with JOYFUL Prayers!

    Say a Joyful Prayer When You Wake Up is the perfect morning storybook for little ones.

    With each turn of the page, your children will encounter a happy conversation with God. . .making the start of each new day a delightful faith-building experience.

    With fun, rhyming text accompanied by bright, colorful art, Say a Joyful Prayer When You Wake Up promises to become a daily morning favorite!

    Recommended for ages 2+.

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  • Prayers For A Widows Journey


    “I don’t want a future, Lord. I want my past. But ahead lie Your plans. Ahead lies life.”

    Life after a husband’s death is full of grief, uncertainty, and loneliness. Who can possibly understand the heavy ache of this new life that must be lived alone? Only someone who has lived this experience too.

    In Prayers for a Widow’s Journey, a collection of more than 100 reflective prayers, author Gayle Roper talks to the Lord about what it feels like to be caught in the unsought solitude of widowhood. Each prayer is accompanied by a verse from Scripture that grounds the prayer not in self-pity, but in an awareness of the boundless care of the God of all comfort. Rather than explaining grief away, Gayle acknowledges the pain and invites you to trust God even in these darkest of days.

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  • God Who Hears


    Praying for God’s Power in Your Times of Need

    Life’s storms serve as sharp reminders of our profound need for God’s strength. But how do we pray when the trials we face bring us to our knees? And how do we cry out to God when we don’t know how to put our heart’s trouble into words?

    From author and pastor James Merritt, The God Who Hears is a 40-day journey designed to help you seek the Lord in every circumstance. Guiding you through the apostle Paul’s prayers from prison, Dr. Merritt illuminates how these petitions and praises provide a model for communicating with God today, enabling you to draw nearer to him as you trust his perfect ability to meet your every need.

    No matter the challenges you face, The God Who Hears is an inspiring reminder of the power and privilege the Lord has given us through prayer. Rooted in Scripture, this encouraging devotional provides insightful teaching and practical takeaways, equipping you to pray through hardship with clarity and confidence.

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  • Sacred Conversation : How God Wants Us To Communicate


    Imagine the best conversation you’ve ever had – one that set your heart on fire, challenged your thinking, brought you closer to God, and inspired you to act. Recall how that conversation made you feel and how it changed your heart and your life. Such interactions rise to the level of the sacred – sacred conversations – dialogues that transform hearts, strengthen relationships, and make the world a better place by converting compassionate love into action.

    Conversations like this are rare but accessible to all of us all the time, regardless of where we are on our spiritual journeys. Dr. Christopher Reed provides a divinely inspired, scientifically tested, step-by-step process for guiding interactions between “seekers” and “helpers.” We are all seekers, and we can all become helpers. This book will show you how to relate to others in their pain, frustration, hopes, and dreams. You will also learn:

    The six components of peak communication:

    *How you can invite, understand, and illuminate others through your conversations
    *Three historical and scriptural reasons we should study and use sacred conversations
    *How to stop, connect, reflect, and choose the best course of action in dialogue
    *Five ingredients in the anatomy of sacred conversations
    *Practical ways to build community, give thanks to God, and show gratitude for others

    Using Scripture, real-world examples, key scientific studies, and stories from his own formation, Dr. Reed provides approachable, fun-filled, well-researched advice on how you can use sacred conversations to become your best self and build closer relationships with others and with the Lord.

    Sacred Conversations offers a set of “how-to” tools for application, including flow charts, lists, and resources on the “Rules of the Road,” the “Sacred Conversations Model,” the roles of seekers and helpers, seven lessons for sacred conversations, and conversation starters to help you apply the model now to improve your life and help people in need. These pages will inspire your heart and reveal how everyday interactions can lead to spiritual growth, deep connections, and meaningful impact.

    This isn’t merely another Christian self-help book. It’s an inspired invitation to transform your life, and our world, one “sacred conversation” at a time. These spiritual encounters between people who want to grow in faith and virtue and live more purposeful and fulfilling lives will open your heart to hear God’s voice more clearly

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  • Interior Castle : Exploring A Spiritual Classic As A Modern Reader


    Teresa of Avila was a sixteenth-century Carmelite nun who was committed to a life of contemplative prayer. Beloved for both her deep spiritual insights and practical approach to life, her writings are considered spiritual classics, and The Interior Castle is widely recognized as her literary masterpiece. To read The Interior Castle is to put yourself in the hands of an extraordinarily qualified faith mentor who well understands our struggles to connect with God.

    Teresa’s primary metaphor throughout this work is that the human soul is an “interior castle,” or a series of “dwelling places,” of great grandeur, beauty, and value. Her book is a tour of the different ways we relate to God through prayer, with varying intensity, awareness, and intimacy, culminating with spiritual unity with God.

    Many books on prayer are about what we do to pray, or to pray better. But there are relatively few, like The Interior Castle, that focus on what God does in prayer–particularly the sometimes inexplicable ways God gives us experiences of love, healing, strength, insight, companionship, and knowledge of God’s presence in, and will for, our lives.

    In this new edition of The Interior Castle, editor Laurel Mathewson, author of An Intimate Good: A Skeptical Christian Mystic in Conversation with Teresa of Avila, brings this renowned spiritual leader into clear focus for contemporary readers while modernizing the text to include shorter paragraphs, simpler sentence structure, and updated vocabulary. It features an introduction to St. Teresa and her work, chapter introductions and summaries, brief footnotes for additional information and clarity, and questions for reflection. Mathewson encourages us to be open to the ways in which Teresa’s “experiences and writings still shed light on things that happen in our world, so different from hers in so many ways but still filled with human beings struggling to be in relationship with one another and God.”

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  • 3 Minute Prayers For Dads


    Got 3 Minutes? . . .

    Take a few moments of your day to pause, reflect, and grow your faith with these 3-minute prayers.

    You’ll find just the inspiration you need for your busy life in 3-Minute Prayers for Dads. This practical book packs a powerful dose of inspiration into 3 short minutes.

    *Minute 1: scripture to meditate on;
    *Minute 2: a just-right-sized devotional prayer;
    *Minute 3: a question for further reflection.

    Each day’s prayer meet you right where you are and is a great way for you to begin or end your day.

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  • Prayers To Share 100 Pass Along Reminers You Are Never Alone


    A comforting edition of our popular Prayers-to-Share series for the anxious and disconnected.

    Feelings of isolation can come from anywhere – grief, loss, disappointment, rejection, or simply down days. They can turn our difficulty into despair. This edition of Prayers-to-Share is designed to comfort the lonely and remind them that because of God’s great love, they are never forsaken. Filled with comforting pass-along prayers, along with selected Scripture verses and encouraging quotes from Max Lucado, readers can easily send a message of hope that can change the course of someone’s day.

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  • 101 Prayers For Comfort In Difficult Times


    When words fail to soothe your soul, find solace in the 101 Prayers for Comfort in Difficult Times Gray Faux Leather Prayer Book. While our circumstances may be unique and our struggles often feel isolating, remember that God’s care is profound. As King David once declared, He collects our tears in a bottle-a testament to His deep compassion and awareness of our trials. This prayer book will guide your prayers when it is hard to pray.

    The prayer book features an elegant iron-gray faux leather cover decorated with white screen-printed flowers. The teal and gray-lettered sentiment is framed by a double bracket border and is presented in a multi-font design and accented with silver foil.

    101 Prayers for Comfort in Difficult Times

    The cover design continues on the two-color interior pages, where floral accents are applied to each page. To keep track of your reading, a gray satin ribbon marker is attached to the spine. Gilded page edges add a subtle sheen to the overall look of the ebook and elevate it to an elegant gift item.

    The book’s content includes 101 prayers addressing a wide range of topics, each accompanied by a supporting Scripture verse. Throughout the book, beautifully stylized pages are dedicated to Scripture verses and thoughtfully interspersed for moments of contemplation.

    Kate Motaung is an author and founder of Refine Services and hosts the Five Minute Friday writing community. Kate and her South African husband have three children and currently reside in West Michigan.

    The 101 Prayers for Comfort in Difficult Times Gray Faux Leather Prayer Book is a thoughtful and touching gift, perfect for showing your support to a friend facing a challenging struggle.

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  • Prayers To Share 100 Pass Along Lunch Box Notes


    A winning edition of our popular Prayers-to-Share series made to encourage school-aged kids.

    The formative years of school are filled with highs and lows. As kids break for lunch during busy school days, these Prayers-to-Share notes can brighten their spirits with a word of encouragement, a prayer, and a Bible verse. Parents, guardians, and siblings can easily tear out a hope-filled message and tuck it inside a lunchbox as a pleasant surprise. As they read these notes, children will be reminded just how much they are loved by God and the important people in their lives.

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  • Praying Personalities : Finding Your Natural Prayer Style


    Discover the particular way God designed you to connect with prayer

    You should pray in the morning. You should write out your prayers. You should make prayer lists and pray through them every day. You should pray with others or out loud. We’ve all heard the you shoulds of prayer from pulpits, presenters, and well-meaning friends. But when none of these ways to pray feel natural, what’s next? Janet Holm McHenry has studied prayer extensively, and the one thing she knows for sure is that there’s no one-size-fits-all way to pray. Instead, there are different styles of prayer–and by discovering the style most instinctive to each individual personality, staying in touch with God throughout the day becomes simple and all the more joyful.

    In this book, the author helps readers determine their particular praying personality by examining the praying styles of biblical people, spiritual gifts, and various ideas about personality, including the classic temperaments, the Enneagram, and more. McHenry includes scores of bulleted suggestions for developing a praying lifestyle that works for individuals. She has also created a Praying Personality Quiz for readers (available in the book and online) to help narrow down the style that will most naturally fit into how they process a prayer life.

    Whether a longtime Christian who has tried various prayer strategies but can’t keep up or a new believer looking to learn about this spiritual discipline, every reader who dives into this book will come away with a renewed prayer life and a greater understanding of who God created them to be.

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  • God Calls You Blessed Girl


    In a culture that fills your head and heart with lies about your value in the world. . .there is One who calls you blessed.

    And He can be trusted. His Word is truth.

    This delightful devotional–created just for you–will encourage and inspire your young soul with deeply rooted truths from God’s Word. Each devotional reading and heartfelt prayer will assure you that you are truly blessed–because God says so. . .and His Word is unchanging! Each of the 180 readings in God Calls You Blessed, Girl will help you to grow in your faith and increase your self-confidence as you become the strong and courageous young woman the heavenly Creator intended you to be!

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  • Peace Be Still


    Take a Daily Break from the Busyness of Life

    When your soul longs for true peace. . .you can turn to the only One who is able to hush your troubled heart. You’ll be encouraged and comforted by these daily, devotional-like prayers–created to bring calm and much-needed stillness to your life. Featuring 365 scriptures and prayers, for both morning and evening quiet time, Peace, Be Still delivers a break from the busyness and bustle–exactly what your heart needs on the hard days!

    Topics include:

    Rest, the Goodness of God, Belonging, Surrender, Strength, God’s Protection, and more

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  • Praying With Saint Patrick


    Learn to pray with Patrick of Ireland and to find your story in his own

    One of Ireland’s most beloved figures, St. Patrick was a man who lived a life soaked in prayer. A risk-taker in the service of others particularly women, slaves, and the poor Patrick spent years enslaved, in which he found himself praying all the time praying for freedom, for a warm place to sleep, or to return home. He never stopped. It was something he did with great intentionality, but also in the breath between one task and the next.

    Praying with Patrick takes us on a journey through Patrick’s life, allowing us to pray alongside him using his story and his actual prayers to deepen and enrich our own prayer lives. Each reading features a quote from Patrick, a scripture, a devotion, and a prayer such as:

    *A Prayer for Times of Trouble
    *A Prayer for When We Feel Helpless
    *A Prayer for HopeA Prayer for Freedom
    *A Prayer for When You Don’t Fit In
    *A Prayer for the Presence of Christ
    *A Prayer for God’s Salvation
    *A Prayer in Times of Grief

    A perfect gift for anyone who is fascinated by Ireland, the heroes of the faith, or prayer, Praying with Patrick will draw you deeper into conversation with a God who cares deeply about you and your needs, concerns, and worries. Just as Patrick experienced God’s presence in the rugged wilds of Ireland, may you experience God’s presence in a powerful and vibrant way.

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  • 200 Prayers Of Strength For Men


    200 Prayers of Strength for Men: Courage for Troubled Times

    These inspiring prayers and scripture selections will turn your eyes from the troubles of this world to the far greater power and glory of your great God. Based on passages from scripture–in the fresh yet familiar Barbour Simplified King James Version–these prayers offer a powerful jolt of spiritual truth for your daily challenges. There’s even a topical index to direct you right to the prayers you need most!

    With 200 Prayers of Strength for Men, you’ll be on your way to more meaningful, purposeful, honest conversation with your mighty Creator–who hears your every prayer.

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  • 365 Devotional Prayers For Women


    A Year of Inspiring Prayers for a Woman of God

    The almighty God we serve is interested in what you have to say! . . . This daily devotional prayer book is a powerful reminder for women to courageously bring any petition before their heavenly Father. 365 just-right-sized prayers will help you cultivate courage and confidence while growing stronger in your faith and relationship with God. Each prayer is perfectly paired with a relevant scripture selection–a fabulous way for you to begin or end your day in quiet fellowship with the heavenly Father.

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  • 365 Talks With Jesus


    Share the best talk your child has all day.

    In 365 Talks with Jesus, you’ll find prayers to share with your preschooler at any time of day, with helpful sections for different needs and emotions, such as “When I Am AFRAID” and “When I Have to Do HARD THINGS.” Each short prayer can be read aloud by the parent and includes a final line for the child to repeat before saying, “Amen.” These 365 prayers will help preschoolers develop the simple habit of talking with Jesus. Spend a few sweet minutes praying with your little one, and let it become your favorite talk of the day!

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  • Magdalena Prayer Book


    “Be converted and do penance for all your iniquities, and iniquity shall not be your ruin,” wrote the Holy Spirit by the mouth of the prophet Ezekiel. The Magdalena Prayer Book provides you with ways to practice conversion through perfect contrition – in the footsteps of St. Mary Magdalene, “Queen of Penitents” – and to unite yourself spiritually to our Lord in the Holy Eucharist as often as possible throughout the day to help you in your struggle against sin.

    In this powerful devotional, you will uncover the theology and devotions that encompass the essentials of perfect contrition and spiritual communion. You will thus discover:

    *The difference between perfect and imperfect contrition
    *What to do when sacramental Confession isn’t available
    *The conditions for perfect contrition, according to the Church
    *Why the habit of frequently examining your conscience is fruitful
    *How God longs to shower you with His mercy for your salvation

    Scriptural quotes on repentance and restoration are included and arranged by topic to help you develop a hatred for sin and the desire to confess and atone for your sins. Traditional prayers from the liturgy and the saints are also included to help you prayerfully cultivate the conditions for perfect contrition. Other features include a helpful examination of conscience, acts of spiritual communion, meditations on God’s mercy, and guidance on making a good thanksgiving after Holy Communion.

    As you learn how to embrace the model of St. Mary Magdalene, The Magdalena Prayer Book will help you reach deep into your heart and develop a genuine sorrow for past and present sins. This vital resource presents a holistic approach to contrition and spiritual communion. It offers insights that complement the journey of a repentant sinner, providing solace and guidance in the absence of, or as a supplement for, sacramental Confession and Communion.

    These timeless devotions will benefit the repentant soul at every step along the spiritual journey – from nurturing a profound love for God and a firm purpose of amendment to seeking unwavering confidence in the Divine Mercy of God.

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  • What The Heart Of Jesus Does And Says In The Tabernacle


    St. Manuel Gonzalez Garcia, renowned as the Bishop of the Abandoned Tabernacle and acclaimed the greatest Eucharistic priest since the Cure of Ars, reflected: “I intend to awaken the curiosity, which in this case can truly be called holy, to understand and uncover what the Heart of Jesus in the Tabernacle does, says, and feels. I promise delightful surprises, invaluable discoveries, unimagined horizons, to those who allow themselves to be piqued by this curiosity.”

    Through these profound yet practical meditations, sometimes written from the perspective of Jesus speaking to you, you will be guided into deeper intimacy with our Eucharistic Lord and inspired to share His love with others. Through this refreshing and transformative experience, you will discover:

    *Why the Gospels lead us to the tabernacle, and the tabernacle leads us to the Gospels
    *The mission of those closest to Jesus in the Gospels and how to imitate them
    *Greater fervor in receiving Holy Communion and praying in Eucharistic Adoration
    *How Jesus is neither idle nor silent in His Eucharistic Presence
    *The three ways the Heart of Jesus looks at souls – and how He looks at you
    *The secret to touching the Heart of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament to receive healing

    There is also a stirring section at the end of the book about what the Heart of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist says to priests.

    St. Manuel tirelessly wrote these reflections, originally published as articles, to “preach to active souls the necessity, importance, and fruitfulness of staying in the tabernacle because the Love who dwells there is not loved but is abandoned!” St. Manuel will show you how to cultivate awe and reverence as you bask in our Lord’s Eucharistic Presence and let His power permeate your life. As your love of Jesus’ Eucharistic Heart deepens, you will learn how to console Him as He consoles you and be inflamed to offer your life in witness to your faith.

    Above all, in the Holy Eucharist, you will encounter the Friend who always waits to listen to you with His Heart and always speaks to your heart. In the light of the tabernacle, you will learn how to grow in virtue, overcome temptation, and live without fear.

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  • 200 Prayers To Encourage A Teen Girls Heart


    Look Up and Be Inspired Today!

    No matter what you’re going through, you will be encouraged to look up and share what’s on your heart with the One who loves you most. Two hundred meaningful, powerful prayers touch on topics important to your heart–including life’s hopes, hurts, and happiness–and will inspire and move you to grow ever closer to your loving heavenly Father who hears your every prayer. Each full-length prayer includes a relevant scripture selection and brief devotional take-away thought.

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  • Timeless Wisdom On Prayer


    Fourteen pulpit giants come together to share classic sermons that will energize any prayer life, permit the day-to-day with prayer to move mountains, and communicate the strengthening power of God from waking to sleeping.

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  • Ignite Your Life


    Prayer is a life-altering, game-changing tool given to us by God amid an unrelenting world. Your prayer impacts the lives of those who are not praying for themselves. The day you call for help, the tide of the battle turns. In Ignite Your Life: 14 Powerful Things That Happen When You Pray, author Frankie Mazzapica unpacks critical passages from Scripture that show the transformative power of prayer and how you can complete your God-given assignment through the power of the Holy Spirit.

    Frankie says, “Short prayers are powerful prayers. Every single prayer you pray ignites more of God’s power working within you.”

    The course of your life has a direct link to the consistency of your prayer life. The book’s fourteen chapters are devoted to breaking new ground in how we can view our prayer lives, interact with Scripture, and achieve personal growth. Frankie directly encourages you to engage in your prayer life and experience rekindled intimacy with God and how prayer can produce power within.

    Learn how prayer can strengthen your family and loved ones, and teaches you how to hear the voice of God. This book is perfect for anyone craving to experience more of God and walk closer with Him than they ever have before. Discover how prayer changes the trajectory of your life!

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  • Everyday Prayers For Faith


    Life rarely goes as planned, particularly when we rely on our own plans rather than God’s.
    So when things go awry, our faith in His faithfulness may waver.

    And yet God’s faithfulness is not tied to our earthly circumstances but rather to His promises in Scripture.

    In Everyday Prayers for Faith: Finding Confidence in God No Matter What, author Erin H. Warren unpacks the precious promises of God that are worth far more than anything this world has to offer.

    You will learn how God:

    *Lifts your burdens to give you rest
    *Provides an abundance of comfort that you can extend to others
    *Sends rainbows and hope after every storm
    *Shares a steadfast love that never wavers
    *Gives us His strength to keep running the race

    Erin’s prayer is that by the end of this book, “women will fling their arms wide and leap forward to proclaim, ‘I trust in God!'”

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  • 2024 Saint Joseph Guide For Christian Prayer (Large Type)


    Handy guide that facilitates use of the large-type edition of CHRISTIAN PRAYER, the one-volume LITURGY OF THE HOURS, by providing clear, accurate references for each day of the year.

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  • 180 Healing Prayers For The World


    The World Could Use Some Healing Prayers Right Now. . .

    And this delightful book invites girls, ages 8 to 12, to pray big, courageous, powerful prayers to make the world a better place!

    180 inspiring prayers will guide the girls in your life to pray for their families, their neighborhoods, their schools, their cities, their country, and beyond. With each turn of the page, girls will pray for positive, healing change in the world as they encounter the many ways they can make an impact through their conversations with God. Featured “Be the Change” sections after every prayer will encourage girls to “act” as they listen for God’s voice and direction for their lives.

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  • Even If : Devotions And Prayers For When Life Doesnt Go As Planned


    Even when life doesn’t go as planned, our God is still good!

    Do you believe it? . . .

    And, with Him by your side, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible!

    Have you experienced it? . . .

    Inspired by Daniel 3:16-18, this uplifting collection of devotional meditations and prayers will refresh your weary soul and remind you of the hope that is found in our God of miracles–in the God of possibilities!

    These 180 truth-infused devotions will help transform your heart and mind with enduring promises from God’s Word.

    You’ll find your soul delighted as, on every beautiful page, you discover new strength, confidence, and courage for today, tomorrow, and all your days to come.

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  • Prayers And Promises For Leaders


    Being a good leader isn’t easy. It requires courage, humility, integrity, and compassion. Jesus spoke of true leadership as having the ability to be a remarkable servant. To be a successful leader, you must determine to follow the example of Christ no matter how difficult.

    Prayers & Promises for Leaders is a topically organized collection that guides you through themes of wisdom, confidence, purpose, protection, and more. Encouraging Scriptures, heartfelt prayers, and prompting questions give you an opportunity to think more deeply about the grace and truth found in God’s Word.

    Stay connected to God by spending time in his presence. Ask him to help you guide, comfort, and encourage those he has given you the opportunity to lead. Out of the abundance of his love and wisdom, you will find the strength to persevere in your service to others. He is with you, he is for you, and he hears you when you pray. Claim his promises over your life today!


    *High-grade faux leather provides durability and exquisite tactile appeal.

    *Heat debossing on faux leather darkens its color, giving the cover a two-tone appearance and creating indentation which shows off the intricate design and varied texture.

    *Metallic and matte foil finishing touches are elegantly placed to enhance certain features, capturing attention and adding class for an aesthetic appeal.

    *Sturdy Smyth-sewn binding stitches book signatures together creating durability and allowing pages to lay flat when open. Decorative head and foot bands are also added to further complement the overall design.

    *Uncoated woodfree paper provides long-lasting vivid coloration and durability.

    *A beautiful satin ribbon marker conveniently keeps your place so you can quickly pick up where you left off.

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  • Pathway To Prayer


    A glorious treasure trove of encouragement, that we might grow closer to God in prayer.

    *More than 500 of the best quotes on this vital spiritual discipline
    *From 106 Christian writers spanning 17 centuries
    *Plus more than 180 Bible verses
    *Painstakingly curated, organized, and assembled into 50 practical and theological topics

    Classic writers such as Thomas Brooks, Richard Baxter, William Gurnall, Oliver Heywood, Octavius Winslow, Horatius Bonar, C.H. Spurgeon, J.C. Ryle, Andrew Murray, and many more. Plus a Foreword by Tim Challies.

    Pathway to Prayer is a unique and beautiful volume, every page packed with profound encouragement and timeless insight. An extraordinary labor of love-and a multi-year project for author M.J. Hancock, a long-time missionary to Cambodia-this book can help lead Christians into deeper and more meaningful times of prayer and intercession.

    Lean into your quiet time. Learn directly from the hard-won wisdom of many of the most devoted, prayerful Christians throughout church history. People who often struggled with their worship and devotions but nevertheless pressed on in faith, confident that God would meet them, mature them, and guide them in his perfect will.

    Whether it’s jump-starting a stalled prayer life or broadening and deepening a mature one, Pathway to Prayer brings invaluable direction and guidance from what is truly the wisdom of the ages. For the full experience read it straight through, stopping regularly to meditate on the wisdom that leaps off the page, or selectively dip into any of the 50 topical sections for a laser focus on a particular area of need.

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  • Jesus Calm My Heart

    Original price was: $21.99.Current price is: $18.97.

    Before you turn out the lights, turn to Jesus.

    When coming to the end of a day feels like coming to an end of ourselves, we often struggle to find the words to pray–or even know where to start. We just know we need God.

    Knowing well this weariness, beloved author Ruth Schwenk comes alongside you, offering encouragement and simple prayers of peace and hope. Whether you’re exhausted from worry, fear, unanswered prayers, pain, rejection, regret, or lack of joy or purpose, each of these 365 nightly prayers and journaling prompts will infuse hope into your life.

    Even as your eyes drift shut, you will discover that the end of a day can also be the beginning of a new and deeper dependence on God. Because when you seek Him, you will find the One who never sleeps–and who strengthens us and works on our behalf even as we rest.

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  • Privilege Of Prayer


    Unlock the Connection and Vibrance You’ve Been Longing For

    If there’s truly power in prayer, why do we only offer up quick pleas for help or lists of requests? It’s because we’ve lost the biblical vision of what prayer really is: an exciting, risky, faith-filled journey that pushes the limitations of our imaginations–made possible through unrivaled intimacy with the Creator of the universe.

    With his trademark blend of honesty and encouragement, pastor Andrew F Carter shatters your preconceived notions of prayer, empowering you to:

    * connect with God in ways you never thought possible
    * engage in open, honest, and transparent prayer
    * experience emotional healing
    * overcome common hindrances to a vibrant life of prayer
    * cultivate an expectant, consistent prayer life
    * discern answers to your prayers

    Fulfillment, transformation, and eternal impact await you–and it starts when you talk freely with the One who can do exceedingly more than your wildest dreams.

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  • Say A Happy Prayer Before You Go To Sleep


    Sweet Dreams Begin with Happy Bedtime Prayers!

    Say a Happy Prayer before You Go to Sleep is the perfect bedtime book for little ones.

    With each turn of the page, kids will encounter happy, sometimes silly, prayers to ready their hearts and minds for a peaceful sleep.

    With fun, rhyming text accompanied by bright, colorful art, this delightful board book promises to become a nightly bedtime favorite!

    Recommended for ages 2+.

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  • You Can Pray Big Things

    Original price was: $17.99.Current price is: $14.97.

    Inspiring Children to Pray Big Things to the God Who Loves Them

    Christian parents and grandparents want to teach their children to pray with joy and expectation. What better way to make prayer fun, natural, and meaningful than to start with a vividly illustrated picture book to bring vital biblical concepts–like salvation–to life?

    You Can Pray Big Things encourages children ages 3-8 to pray big prayers to their even bigger God. Combining clear, biblical teaching about prayer, inspiring quotes, engaging illustrations, and simple prayers children can pray alone or with a loved one, this accessible book helps kids start a lifelong conversation with God. It even helps them understand what to do when it seems like God hasn’t answered their prayers, and how to pray to receive Christ.

    Praying to God should be a fun and frequent part of every kid’s life. You Can Pray Big Things shows kids how to do it and helps parents start important spiritual conversations in their home.

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  • 200 Prayers To Encourage Your Heart


    Look Up, and Be Encouraged Today!

    No matter your situation in life, you will be encouraged to look up and share what’s on your heart with the one who loves you most. Two hundred meaningful, powerful prayers touch on topics important to your heart–including life’s stresses, struggles, and strains–and will inspire and move you to grow ever closer to your loving heavenly Father who hears your every prayer.

    Each prayer is complemented by inspiring scripture selections and memorable devotional takeaways!

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  • My Prayer Journal


    Cultivate a Courageous Spirit with This Powerful Prayer Journal!

    The almighty God we serve is interested in what we have to say! . . . This devotional prayer journal is a powerful reminder to courageously bring any petition before your heavenly Father. Dozens of just-right-sized prayers touch on topics that resonate with your heart.
    Topics include:

    – Faith
    – Salvation
    – Praying for Others
    – Boldness
    – Trust
    – and more!

    Each prayer is perfectly paired with a relevant scripture selection and ample journaling space–a fabulous way for you to begin or end your day in quiet fellowship with the heavenly Father.

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