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Peace is a prize hard won, and for the Dragon Singer, the fight has only just begun.

The dragons have answered Alísa’s call. Now, in order to unite the races and end the war, she must find slayers willing to do the same. But humanity’s long-engrained fear and hatred of dragonkind are far louder than any argument she possesses, and when a rival dragon clan encroaches on Me’ran it’s all she can do to keep the people from calling the largest slayer clan in the east to eradicate all draconic presence.

Leading dragons is one thing—leading humans is another. With the voices and fears of her past rising up against her, Alísa wonders how she ever thought she could be the one to unite the races. As storms within and without threaten to drown all she holds dear, Alísa must decide—run for cover to protect herself and her dragons, or stay in the only place she has a chance to bring peace. But how can she make peace between humans and dragons when she can’t even make peace with herself?

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530 pages, Paperback

Published January 26, 2023

Series:  Dragon  Singer  Chronicles #2
Great for readers who grew up loving How to Train Your Dragon or Dragon Slippers.


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