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Gloria Copeland

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  • Power To Prosper In Troubled Times


    The financial system of this world has always been extremely unstable. Inflation, recession and depression are always threatening. The economy can change fast. Overnight, people can go from rich to completely broke.

    But the good news is you don’t have to be dependent on the world’s economy. As believers, we’re part of a different system. We can look to our God for supply, and His storehouses are always well-stocked. They’re overflowing with abundance all the time.

    Can you really tap into heaven’s abundance while living here on earth? YES, and this power-packed, 90-day guide will help you do it!As you feast daily on faith-building scriptures and inspiring teachings, your confidence in God’s desire to BLESS you financially will soar. You’ll see more clearly than ever before that God has a never-ending stream of increase for you. You’ll read inspiring, real-life examples of how God has prospered others in impossible situations and see how He has promised to do the same for you.

    So, get ready to increase! Get ready to claim, with greater boldness, all God has laid up for you so when the world’s economy falters, you’ll continue to flourish.

    Take hold of the power to prosper in troubled times!

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  • Walking In The Fruit Of The Spirit


    The Fruit of the Spirit Are Supernatural Powerhouses

    Do you desire to look and act more like Jesus and walk daily in the power heaven promises? Developing the fruit of the spirit will enable you to express the might of God Himself and make you more than a conqueror in every situation!

    The fruit of the spirit are more than just nice Christian character traits. They are supernatural powerhouses–not something you do but who you are in Him. They demonstrate your true identity as a child of God.

    Gloria Copeland, noted author and minister of the gospel whose teaching ministry is known throughout the world, shares how to release the power that equips you to meet every challenge of life with confidence and live the overcoming life God planned for you!

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  • God Is My Source


    Take the God Is My Source challenge! Many people are faced with overwhelming financial challenges. When they compare their paycheck to their needs, they wonder…How are we going to pay for this? Where will the money come from? What are we going to do? When we look to the Word of God, scripture after scripture proves that God is THE SOURCE of everything we need. In this little book, Gloria Copeland and Pastor George Pearsons will help you renew your mind to become fully persuaded that God is your Source. Now, heres the challenge: Read the seventy God Is My Source scriptures every day. Read each scripture, and SAY IT out loud! Follow the WRITE IT assignments. Log every financial and provisional miracle that you receive. When you SEE IT work, it will encourage your faith.

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  • From Faith To Faith (Reprinted)


    A Daily Guide to Victory

    Now you can have a word of encouragement. . .a word of inspiration. . .a word of faith. . . every single day of the year!

    From Faith to Faith talks about the struggles you face every day. . .struggles with weariness, irritation, children, finances, even overeating. Kenneth and Gloria Copeland show you how, by applying the Word of God, you can make major changes for victory in every area of your life.

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  • Protection Of Angels


    Did you know that one of the ways God carries out your deliverance and your protection is through angels? You literally have angels at your service.
    – Gloria Copeland

    Protection…you could hire a hundred natural men for your security, but they would be limited by natural things. Not so with angels. From Old Testament times until today, angels have been on the job, protecting and delivering God’s people.

    Learn how to tap into this powerful resource God has made available. Find out what puts these special agents of God’s promises to you into action, and get ready to enjoy The Protection Of Angels.

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  • God Has Your Miracle On His Mind


    What changes would you need to make for His will to be fulfilled in you? What would it take for you to be healthy – whole, undamaged and intact – in every area of your life?

    Would it take a miracle? If so, your answer is closer that you think – because God has a miracle for you. He has just what you need. He is the God of the miraculous…and He has your miracle on His mind.

    Gloria Copeland’s God Has Your Miracle on His Mind will help you discover how to:
    * expect the impossible
    * take action and “position yourself” for your miracle
    * and stand strong – even when it seems like it’s too late. So what do you need from God today? Whatever it is, He has more than you can imagine in store. Get ready…God Has Your Miracle On His Mind!

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