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Francis Frangipane

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  • River Of Life



    1. The Son’s Great Prayer
    2. A Prophecy: The Prayer Of Christ Answered
    3. The Surrender Of The Vision Keeper
    4. Current Questions, Timely Answers

    5. When David Captured Jerusalem
    6. The Deliverers
    7. America’s Future: Christ Or Chaos
    8. The Timeless Wisdom Of Martin Luther King, Jr.

    9. Those Who Make A Covenant With God.
    10. “Ask Of Me! P. 128

    Additional Info
    A river is rising from the throne of God. In its waves are healing for the church and renewal for our society. Some of the vital topics Francis Frangipane discusses include…

    The Father’s unchanging purpose
    Christ’s commitment to His church
    The Holy Spirit’s transforming work in us
    Surrendering to the lordship of Jesus
    Achieving unity in the body of Christ
    Creating harmony within the family, the church, and society
    Experiencing the flow of God’s healing power

    Discover the source of the abundant supply of God’s grace that transforms our lives so that we can impact our world for Jesus Christ.

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