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Elizabeth Oldfield

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  • Fully Alive : Tending To The Soul In Turbulent Times


    In a world experiencing turbulent change, we need people who are resilient, kind, open, generous, and brave. How do we become those people?

    In Fully Alive, scholar and popular podcaster Elizabeth Oldfield uses the seven deadly sins as a framework to explore questions such as:

    – How can I move from sloth to attention in order to make the most of my short life and stop getting distracted by trivialities?

    – Is it possible to move from wrath to peacemaking? How do I become a depolarizing person in an age of outrage, tribalism, and division?

    – What might it look like to move from gluttony to awe, finding transcendence in expansive, life-giving ways–not in the bottom of a tub of ice cream?

    – How can I move from pride to connection, overcoming the disconnection that keeps me from intimacy, community, and ultimately from the divine?

    Oldfield shows why, in a world heavy on judgment, she still finds the concept of sin liberating–and how, to her surprise, she keeps finding in her Christian faith ways to feel fully alive. Deeply serious yet amusingly relatable, this book helps us develop spiritual strength for when things fall apart.

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