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Christopher Malloy

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  • False Mercy : Recent Heresies Distorting Catholic Truth


    For most of his teaching life, Dr. Christopher Malloy has been correcting common, often widely accepted falsehoods, misunderstandings, and half-truths spread inside the confines of the Catholic world. Distinguishing between what Catholics must believe to be saved, what they can accept as unsettled, and what they must reject, he makes clear that both Catholic tradition and Sacred Scripture are under continuous assault. Therefore, it’s imperative to develop in yourself the traditional habits of mind.

    In this brilliant exposition of doctrine, rivaling those of Chesterton and Belloc, Dr. Malloy uses a rich variety of Catholic documents and catechisms to explain specific modern heresies, how they cropped up, and the actual Church teachings they seek to undermine. In the process, he shows:

    *How Catholic teaching has been indirectly undermined and eroded by modernists

    *How to hone your defenses against any opponent ? no matter how officially “Catholic” ? who denies, distorts or dilutes Catholic teaching

    *How to identify real development of doctrine so that smooth-talking theologians can’t so easily palm off heresy as “development”

    *Why the heresy of “doctrinal evolutionism” is the key to understanding the current Church crisis

    *Why Hell is not just an empty threat, as some modern heretics suggest

    *How you can respond to the leading intellectual wolves without getting lost in the weeds

    *Why the Church has been hemorrhaging believers for decades

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