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  • Adorable You Figurine With Dark Dog


    Sculpted figure is a gift for dog lovers, friends, veterinarians, petsitters… an expression of friendship, love and appreciation.


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  • Crimes And Mister Meanors (DVD)


    One decision can change the course of history

    Young teenager Jake Harvard is less than thrilled when he learns he is going to stay with his uncle in suburban Washington D.C. for the summer. Upon arrival, he discovers his Uncle Benny runs a detective agency but is an inept bumbler and business hasn’t been good. Jake meets Kat Adams, a girl his age and the estranged daughter of a U.S. Congressman. Their friendship is in its very early stages when a distraught woman named Lola Meanors pays a visit to Benny’s office seeking help in finding her missing husband. Jake and Kat are intrigued, and when Benny refuses to take the case, they decide to secretly investigate on their own. The two quickly find themselves in the middle of a major conspiracy that has claimed the lives of several scientists at a secret government facility and threatens to end theirs as well. A climactic face-off at one of Washington’s oldest landmarks sets the stage for the return of Mr. Meanors and offers a glimpse into what made America’s founders so great. Lesson(s) – This family-oriented feature film teaches lessons on the exceptionalism of America as a direct result of the God-given freedom outlined in the Declaration Of Independence. It recognizes God as real and as a nessesary part of our nation.

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  • Your Story The Wounding Embrace (DVD)


    So, you cut, or maybe you starve yourself, or struggle with substance abuse. Maybe you even have suicidal thoughts. I bet you feel alone. But how is this possible when nearly 1 in 4 North American teens struggle with self-injury? How can all these people be alone? Today, thousands of young people, anxious, under confident and often scared, are seeking release from these personal struggles in ways many adults choose to ignore. You probably have friends who are depressed, friends who are bulimic and friends all too familiar with this growing culture of self-abuse. It’s time to stop ignoring the problem. It’s time for a serious conversation about issues that make us uncomfortable. Let’s Talk.

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  • Soul : Christianity Explored Youth DVD (DVD)


    Episode 1 – Christianity is Christ
    Episode 2 – Identity
    Episode 3 – Mission
    Episode 4 – Cross
    Episode 5 – Resurrection
    Episode 6 – Grace
    Episode 7 – Call
    Trailer for participants and leaders
    Subtitles in English and Spanish

    Additional Info
    Soul is a seven-stage journey through the Gospel of Mark, designed for teenagers and young adults. Find out what Christians believe. Discover the Bible’s answers to life’s big questions. Explore what Christianity is really all about.

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  • Turning Points : 5 Short Powerful Gospel Films (DVD)


    Short Films:

    * One Day To Spare (Approx. 7 min 19 sec)
    * Kenny And Benny (Approx. 5 min 30 sec)
    * Becky’s Christmas (Approx. 3 min 47 sec)
    * He Never Had Time (Approx. 2 min 34 sec)
    * A Life Laid Down (Approx. 8 min 16 sec)

    Additional Info
    With stunning digital art, powerful soundtracks and clear hard hitting gospel messages, these short films will challenge their audience to be prepared to meet God. These high impact stories are designed to target youth. They will effectively communicate the gospel in a few minutes and highlight the necessity of making a decision for Christ. Great for use at vacation bible schools, kids camps, outreach to tweens and teens and all age services. One DVD featuring five short films.

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